Try New Video Poker Variants

Boredom at home is something that we can all relate to. If you’re ready to break out of the rut and really have some fun, you have to check out stuff that’s going to make you feel better. Why not look at video poker?

A lot of people assume that video poker is only something that you would get at a land based casino, but that’s not true at all. There’s more than just one type of video poker out there, and playing good strategy can yield some big bonuses. It’s up to you to see what type of game that you’re really interested in playing.

Here’s a few choices to look at.

All Aces Video Poker


This is a great video poker variant for beginners. There’s a lot of action here, with some choices that you have to make. If you get 4 Aces, you’re looking at a huge payout. The only thing that’s going to pay out more is a Royal Flush!

Like most video poker versions, it’s easy to play. You get five cards, and then you choose which ones you would like to hold on to. The discarded cards go out, and the new cards step in. That’s when you look at what you win based on the different combinations made. If you manage to get two aces on the first turn and then the other two aces on the second, that’s where you can win big!

Joker Video Poker

Joker Video Poker

Joker Poker is one of our favorites. The joker really comes in handy and can make the difference between a pair and a three of a kind, or move you up to a four of a kind from a three of a kind. Since Jokers are wild, anything is possible.

Oh, don’t forget that you can get an extra joker instead of just one. You’re playing against the machine rather than other players, which takes a lot of the confusion and frustration out of the process. You won’t have other players blocking you from those high payouts.

There’s a 5,000 coin jackpot at stake as well, which means winning could set you up very nicely for a while. Only one way to find out, you know!

Aces and Faces Video Poker

Aces and Faces Video Poker

Do you want to play a video poker game where you can double your winnings? If so, then you’ve come to the right game. Aces and Faces is played with one standard deck of cards, but absolutely no wilds.

Even though it’s low on frills, it’s big on fun. You can win with just a pair of jacks, giving you plenty of time to build up your winnings. The double your winnings feature is worth checking out.

These are just a few of our favorites, but feel free to let us know about others that you come across. As always, if you’re going to be a new player at a casino, you might as well get a bonus for it. It’s a great token of appreciation for putting your heard earned cash on the line at a casino. Most casinos realize that without the players constantly coming back, they would be out of business in short order. That’s why they do so many promotions. Not only do they want you to come in, but they want you to become a loyal player. Looking up casino bonus codes for video poker rooms would be a wise move. Not a high roller? It’s not a big deal. There’s room at the casino for everyone, not just the high roller people.

Either way, good luck and enjoy yourself! That’s the real point of the casino, you know! :)

More on Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Blackjack tournaments are a fun way of mixing thing sup, but I see way too many newbies just in without strategy. Now, I already gave you a little bit of strategy, so I suggest that you read that article before going to this one. Still, you can’t have enough strategy, so I figured that I’d write some more on the topic.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have an adequate bankroll the entire way through. Betting hard is not your friend here. You want to maximize the value of every single chip that you put into the game. However, if the stakes are getting higher and you have to sacrifice more chips, then you have to get with the program there. Can you go all in when you feel justified to do so? Absolutely — but it’s going to be risky. If you’re in the right position, you can do this with no problem.

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Position is going to be incredibly important. It’s all about who gets to act first, and who gets to act last. If you are the one that gets to act last, you really do have all of the power in blackjack. It’s very important that you remember this, because it’s very easy to forget. You might think that you’re going to be just coasting along, minding your own business but that’s not the case at all.

You have to always look at the biggest picture in the game. Blackjack tournaments are all about staying alive for as long as you can, as hard as you can. If you take the top prize at the tournament, that can be a lot of money. But if you’re new, don’t get your hopes up. It can take a while to get used to the tournament format.

Choosing where you sit in the tournament can be a good thing, but the tournament itself will choose who acts first and how the action moves. All you need to do is pay attention to how everyone else is betting. You will know how to size your bets based off of what everyone else is doing. If you’re the first person to act, then you need to try to bet as low as possible. This can help you against your opponents.

The tournament format is good because you get to think about what the other players are going to do next. This is different than the way traditional blackjack is played, but isn’t that part of the magic? Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win. Take it as incentive to keep practicing so that you’re even better the next time you start moving forward.

Get in the game while it’s on your mind, and you certainly won’t regret it!

Exploring New Poker Variations for Bigger Money

You want to play more than Texas Hold’Em? No problem. In fact, if you have dreams of winning big time poker money, you need to make sure that you are trying to get more variants under your belt. The World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour are two poker tournaments that combine multiple types of poker so players win big. You could win a lot of money in the side poker games, like Omaha or Caribbean Stud. There’s also a H.O.R.S.E tournament that combines a bunch of poker variants at once.

But bigger money isn’t the only reason that you should be thinking about this. If you want to sharpen your skills, new poker variants give you the ability to do that as well.

Let’s go over the top variations, shall we?

1. Omaha Hi-Lo

Do you want large pots? Then you definitely want to play Omaha Hi-Lo.

Here’s how it works: every player at the table gets four hole cards. Those are cards unique to you. There’s also five community cards.

Here’s where it gets interesting: even though all the players at the table will use just two cards from the four they were dealt with three from the board, the pot is split. You have to make a high hand and a low hand. That’s where it gets interesting because you need to know not only your poker hands and their rankings, but you need to also think about the lowest. Suddenly, those trash cards from Hold’Em look mighty appealing, wouldn’t you say?

Poker Variations

2. Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is one of our favorite variants. It’s pretty easy to remember how to play it, and casinos like it. The odds are traditionally a bit in the casino’s favor than yours, but hey — you wanted a challenge, right?

Here’s how it works: before the cards are dealt to each player, you make your bet. That’s the “ante”. You also have a progressive jackpot that you can bet into. The dealer will wait for the betting round to end, then give you five cards. You look at your cards. Like Hold’Em, youíre either in or out at this point.

If you want to stay in, you have to put down double the ante bet, for the “call”. Once this round is finished, the dealer reveals the four hole cards dealt to him.

If he or she has an A-K (ace-king) or higher, then the dealer will compete with the players. If he or she doesn’t, then the bettors get their money back.

But if he is going to compete, then your hand has to be better than the dealer’s in order to win.

The jackpot game might not be your cup of tea, but it’s fun to see if you get to win it or not. A flush or higher wins the pot!Continue Reading

Casino Bonus Codes – The Foundation of a Great Time Online

If you’re going to get into the world of casino gaming online, you might as well do it the smart way. For us, we couldn’t imagine checking out a new casino without getting rewarded for it. When you peel back every other explanation, that’s exactly what the casinos are doing here. They want to make sure that you are truly getting the best experience possible. That’s why casino bonus codes are around. The industry has realized something: when you give people incentive to come back, they will keep coming back over and over again.

What does it take to get what you’re after? Do you feel overwhelmed already? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The truth is that you’re going to need to get a good list of current bonus codes. If you just try to look them up randomly online you won’t get very far. What if the code’s expired? That wouldn’t give you the experience that you’re looking for. You also want to make sure that you are getting a bonus based on the play that you have in mind. It would be really hard to be at a casino that doesn’t reward you for being a heavy slot player.

Casino Bonus Codes

Yes, this means that you have to come to the casino willing and ready to spend real money. Some players are a little taken aback by that, and they say that casinos should give them a chance to check things out first. However, if you think about it…they already do!

You can go to any casino and download the free client, or use the Flash player on the site. If you use Flash, you don’t have to download anything at all. There are plenty of free slot games, free poker rooms, and free table games. But you aren’t really looking for that, are you? After all, if you’re interested in real money gaming you are going to need to put up a little of your own money to get things started. This might sound problematic, but think about the potential rewards waiting for you!

Playing for real money online gives you the advantage of location. Indeed, you can truly play anywhere in the world. There’s no one that’s going to tell you that you can’t just pull out your laptop or mobile phone. Logging on is easy; playing is even easier than that.

Give yourself a real experience and a real chance to make money. Casino bonus codes are only the beginning. From there, the casinos await your arrival!

Little Tweaks To Consider When Checking Out Mobile Gambling

Getting into the mobile gambling craze has a lot of benefits to it. You’re no longer limited to just playing your favorite games at home. If you want to go over to a friend’s house, you can do that without missing all of your best games. Making money on the go has never been this…fun. One of the top concerns that newbies to the world of mobile gambling have is that they are very concerned about the experience that they’re going to get. Just how will the site display? Will they actually be able to play any games, or are they just fooling themselves?

The truth is somewhere in between. Yes, you will be able to play all of the games that you’re used to. However, you need to realize that there are a few considerations that have to be made. It isn’t that you can’t enjoy the heck out of mobile gambling, but it will not be the exact same experience that you get on your laptop. For starters, you’re dealing with a much bigger screen than any tablet or cell phone could provide to you. So a direct comparison to what you’re used to just wouldn’t make sense at all.

Mobile Gambling

You want to think about the screen size that you have to work with. The smaller the screen, the less room that you’ll have to work with. Thinking about the platform and form factor matters as well. A touch screen is very responsive, but bad if you’re constantly hitting the wrong part of the screen. When the action starts, you really might be at a disadvantage. However, there are downsides to using a universal button to move a cursor around. It’s certainly less fast than using your fingers, so you really might miss out on a lot more than if you had a touchscreen.

Connectivity is something to also think about. If you really want to have the fastest action, Wi-Fi is definitely what you want to be on. 4G is great, but what if you’re somewhere that doesn’t have 4G? If you’re going to be using your cell phone out in an area that doesn’t have 4G coverage just yet, you’re going to need to use 3G…which isn’t the best connection speed out there. The good side of 3G coverage is that you pretty much have it everywhere that’s reasonably populated. So you still get to check out the games, but you might not play them as quickly as you would like. With so many places to find open Wi-Fi, it would be a tough sell to tell you to stay on 3G. On the other hand, if you know that you’re going to really be exploring the world around you …3G is better than no-G at all.

Be sure that you have enough battery life to keep playing. It’s been our observation that you don’t have to have a full charge, but you really want to have it charged up as much as possible. You don’t want to be in the middle of a great play and run out of juice! Taking your charger with you is definitely suggested, especially if you need several hours of worry-free entertainment.

Good luck, and remember: you just can’t win if you don’t play!

Top 5 Ways to Gamble

Many people gamble, some for fun and some for money. Playing a gambling game such as online craps should all be about the fun with any winnings just being a bonus. If this is kept in mind then you will not feel bad if you do not win and you will feel fantastic if you do. This means that you want to find a game which is lots of fun.


Poker is a game of skill. It can take a long time to even learn the basics and then longer to understand all the tactics. Then there are many different versions of the game, which can make things a lot more interesting. You may also decide whether to play on line or off line and these can be quite different types of games. Much of the attraction of playing poker is the fact that it does take a lot of skill and many gambles are very risky but if you need skill to play the game then it does eliminate some of the risk.



Slots can be great fun. There is not a lot of skill needed to play slots and that can be what makes them fun. They are very relaxing and if you do not win then you cannot blame yourself because it will have nothing to do with anything that you have done. There are many different themes with slots and so you can choose a game which suits you and can make it a lot more fun as well. If you are one of our Japanese readers, you can download lucky kudo and enjoy the games.


This is very much a game of chance as well. What makes it so much fun is the fact that it is quite slow in that you have to wait a long time to find out were the ball will land. This builds up the excitement and that is a great thing. The chances of you winning something will depend on the way that you bet and so there is some skill in working out the odds and deciding on whether you want to take a greater risk and have the chance of winning more or have a lower risk but win less. This is a decision which has to be taken for most games though.


Playing lotto or the lottery is something that is very popular, It is something which is on offer in some casinos and available on line a lot. Many countries also have their own lotteries. The lottery is completely based on luck. You pick a set of numbers and if yours are drawn you win a prize. The more numbers you match, the bigger the prize. This is again a relaxing game to play because there is no skill involved and it is also very inclusive as you do not need to understand tactics or rules to win.

Sports Betting

Sports betting can be great fun. It can be really good to think about the game or race and decide who will win depending on their skill, recent form and the conditions. It feels very satisfying when you correctly identify the winner based on your assumptions. It is also not all down to skill because there will be odds for each participant and so you will know who the bookmakers expect to win and that will influence the way that you bet.

Ladies, Treat Yourself to A Relaxing Time at Bingo – Seriously!

If you’re trying to get more into the gambling scene online but you just don’t know where to start, there’s always room to add bingo to your list. No, you’re not going to be stuck, playing bingo online with people that are twice your age. Contrary to popular belief, bingo is actually a game for the younger crowd now. It’s designed to allow everyone a chance to make money and have fun at the same time.

The average woman’s life is far more stressful than it used to be. There’s a mountain of chores at home, there’s a mountain of things to do at work, and now there’s even things to do for the people that we love most, even if they don’t even live with us. Add in a few children, and you really have a recipe for disaster. So what needs to happen here is you must take time for yourself. It can be hard to do that with a straight face, but you have to step back from all of the stressful things in order to find your own voice. We don’t get enough encouragement as women to do that, and that’s okay. It’s high time that we motivated ourselves rather than just hoping everything is going to fix itself. We have to go more into making ourselves happy before we run around trying to make everyone else happy.


This means that you need to look at doing relaxing things that will allow you to still have a good time. We recommend playing bingo online for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s relaxing — you don’t have to be especially skilled at it. It’s a game of chance, because you’re hoping that the right balls come into view. You don’t have to worry that you’re not skilled enough to play. The whole focus of bingo shifts over to being social, and that’s something that ladies are especially good at!

So, imagine if you could play free bingo for a year. Wouldn’t that be amazing? All you need to do is jump in and check out the promotion offered by 888Ladies. This is a group that definitely knows how to show ladies a good time. As long as you let go of your own hesitations and dive in, you’re bound to have a good time.

At the end of the day, you have to do things that are going to be interesting to you. The last thing that you should do is put everyone’s needs ahead of yours. Don’t you think that it’s time to let your hair down and play some bingo? You just don’t know how much you can win unless you get in there and play!

A Bonus is a Bonus, Right?

Sign on bonuses. We’ve all seen the siren call at the various casinos. Free money! And with the absolutely staggering number of online casinos out there, it might appear to the uninformed that there are literally thousands of dollars out there for the taking. But beware, there is fine print, and things aren’t always as clear cut as they seem and today’s consumer must be savvy in order to make the right choices in today’s online gaming market.

It stands to reason that with thousands of online casinos out there, some are more reputable than others. And this should be the first thing to inform a decision—what is a particular casino’s reputation? All things being equal, however, there is one thing that you will find at all the online casinos: player bonuses. Make no mistake—every bonus has a wagering requirement attached to it. And the wagering requirements differ between games, based on the house advantage.


So what is a player bonus anyway?

The idea stems from traditional brick and mortar casinos. As most people know, players who go to traditional casinos often get “comped”, which means they get all manners of perks from the casino, such as free meals, free rooms, free airfare, free tickets to shows, and so on up to the iconic endlessly flowing free drinks players get on the casino floor. It is a draw, and they use these perks to get people to come to the casino and play. As far as the casino is concerned this is a loss leader investment. Bring the player to the casino, and you bring their money into the casino. And the bigger the player, the bigger the comp package.

Online casinos are different from their brick and mortar counterparts. They don’t have cocktail waitresses plying the guests with drinks. They don’t have the fancy hotel suites. They don’t have restaurants and shows and the lights and action. Online casinos have the games, however. Many games and the experience itself is compelling in its own way. And due to the intrinsic differences—low overhead, and having to make up for the atmosphere itself—online casinos offer bonuses and promotions in place of comp packages. And they can be quite generous.

The very first place online casino players see these bonuses is at the very start, as a Deposit Bonus or a Free No Deposit Bonus.

So what are these bonuses?

Often these are what’s know as a Match Bonus. The casino matches bonus cash in accordance to a certain percentage of the initial deposit made. Some casinos are extremely generous, with up to 100% match bonuses, meaning that if you insert $150, you will actually have $300 in your account. Congratulations, you have just doubled your money by doing nothing at all.

There is a catch, however. You can’t just withdraw the $300 and walk away. You can only withdraw your original deposit. So what’s going on here? Did you get this bonus money or didn’t you? There is something called a wagering requirement, and it’s in the fine print. The wagering requirement indicates how much money must be placed in bets before the money can be withdrawn along with the bonus cash. Each casino differs in its requirements, but assuming you took the bonus and the requirement is 25x the bonus+deposit, then you’re going to have to wager $300×25, or $7,500 before you could withdraw the $150 bonus or anything you’ve won by actually using any of the bonus money.

As I mentioned earlier, each casino is different, and sits along a qualitative spectrum. With each casino and casino game, the bonus amount and the wagering requirement will be different. So some research is due in order to figure out how good a bonus actually is. For instance, assume you’ve found a casino that offers a mind blowing bonus that matches your deposit with a 500% bonus? If it sounds too good to be true, a look at the fine print might show a wagering requirement of 200x the deposit. In this scenario, assume you’ve deposited $100. Suddenly you see $600 in your account. Now you have to wager $120,000 before you can withdraw. What if you’ve deposited $1000 without reading the fine print? Things can quickly get out of hand.

In recent times, there has been a new trend in online casinos, where new players are offered Free No Deposit Bonuses upon registration. Bonuses can be minor but they can also reach the thousands of dollars. These bonuses allow players to use the funds for a limited time. Then they will allow players to keep a limited amount out of the winnings, generally no more than $150. These bonuses also have wagering requirements of their own, which change from one casino to the next. In general, the requirements are either a minimum deposit before you can collect, or a number of play-throughs.

Bonuses are not limited to new player registration. There are regular bonus gifts, and bonus prizes in tournaments. Any bonus gift from the casino will have a wagering requirement attached to it. Usually this means having to acquire a specific number of Loyalty Points before the money is available to withdraw. The way you earn Loyalty Points is by placing bets using real money, so in the end, it’s the same as playing through.

There is a third aspect to bonuses, and this is that the wagering requirements are different depending on which game is being played. Not all games are created equal when trying to fulfill a wagering requirement. This is because each game has its own set of odds and this, in turn, affects the house advantage. The general rule of thumb is, the lower the house advantage, the smaller the bet’s contribution towards the wagering requirement. Conversely, games that offer the casino the greatest advantage, offer a greater contribution toward the wagering requirement. Of all the games, Slots offer the best house advantage of all. This means that 100% of each bet placed on a slot, will go toward the wagering requirement, pretty much across all casinos. On the other end you have games such as Blackjack and Craps , which offer the best player odds. With these games, the contribution towards the wagering requirement can be as low as 2%.


It might seem that I’m painting a bleak picture here, but this is not entirely the case. Many of the bonuses can be extremely beneficial. They are a form of extended credit toward making wagers, which often results in bigger wins. It’s easy to bet larger amounts when a portion of your bet is not your money. In a way, the house is helping players by bankrolling them in the beginning. Players must remember, however, that player bonuses are not simply free money. Casinos are businesses, and it is in their interest to minimize their losses. The wagering requirements are a security measure to prevent dishonest players from showing up, doubling their cash and leaving without even making a bet. But at the same time, they also allow players to play longer, with higher wagers, and to maximize their chances of winning.

In the end, the best bonuses are those offered from the best casinos, such as WilliamHill, for example. Casinos of this caliber offer the best bonuses in the industry, with the fairest wagering requirements. Their bonuses are a boon to players, allowing them to play like real high rollers, and maximizing their winning potential. One great bonus for all you Bingo lovers out there can be found here By buying just £10 worth of bingo tickets you will receive an amazing £40 free bonus from this great online casino. The best part is that with no wagering requirements all the cash winnings you make from this bonus are yours to keep!

WilliamHill offers live casino as well. For more information, take a look at the video below:

As with all double edged swords, bonuses cut both ways, and despite the limitations, they can be a great tool for players to carve big earnings in the best of the online casinos out there. Just read the fine print.

Impatient – Check Out Instant iPhone Poker

The impatient gambler is a smart gambler. So if you’re someone that everyone has labeled as  being very impatient, there’s good news — you don’t have to try to learn patience in the world of gambling at all. The truth is that you have every right to demand entertainment on your terms, and we agree with that statement wholeheartedly. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get exactly what you’re seeking as soon as possible.

The good news is that if you own an iPhone you already have the key to your entertainment needs right there in the palm of your hand. After all, the iPhone hasn’t earned the title of being one of the world’s most popular smartphones for nothing. You can actually enjoy plenty of gaming entertainment without even having to sit in front of a laptop. If you want to hang out with your friends or even just get out of the house there’s nothing wrong with still playing for real money right on your iPhone, right?

Instant iPhone Poker

Getting instant iPhone poker entertainment is just a matter of knowing where you go. We truly liked the experience from Carbon Poker, because sign-up is quick, and getting into the action is even quicker. Unlike other portals and spaces that can’t seem to deliver a great experience for the mobile crowd, Carbon really went out of their way to make it downright fun to play for a long time.

If you’re stuck at the doc tor’s with nothing to do or even worse — stuck in a busy airport with nothing to do, you can actually go play poker. Putting entertainment on your schedule and on your own terms is the name of the game for any gambler. Why should you feel locked down to your laptop when you can make the entire world your stage? Well, this is true as long as you have a good signal. Try to pick areas where you know that you’re going to have a good signal. It would be absolutely awful if you lost signal in the middle of a critical poker game where you’re actually winning, right?

Losing money is definitely not the name of the game here. Playing till your heart’s content is definitely what we’re after, and you can have it with ease. Why not play today, while it’s still on your mind?

Heads Up Poker Play Can Be Wonderful – You’ll See!

Heads up poker play is something that really scares off a lot of would be awesome poker players. They think that heads up is going to be their weakness, so they tell themselves that. They tell themselves not to get too excited about heads up play, because they’re going to lose. Well folks, I hate to break it to you but if you keep telling yourself that you aren’t going to be good at something…you’re not going to be good at it at all. So this means that you must make sure that you are completely and utterly focused on the road ahead of you. Otherwise you’re going to have big trouble and that’s not a good thing. You just need to think carefully about what you have to achieve.

Heads up play really isn’t impossible once you think about it. Yes, it’s a battle of wills between you and your opponent. Your opponent wants to knock you out, because there’s a lot of difference between first and second place. You could be leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not careful. I think that you really need to start looking at how to get into first place.

Keep in mind that a lot of players bluff the daylights out of you when it’s head up play. They don’t want you to know that, of course. So they’re going to hit you with a big play so that you aren’t going to do anything else but fold. You could be folding a really good hand and not think twice about it. Watch how they play before you get too rash though. They could catch you off guard. But if you have any suspicion that all they’re really doing is playing trash, you need to step it up. Don’t be hesitant in shoving them back. They will usually fold or re-raise. If they re-raise when you know that they have a pattern of playing trash, make sure that you call them out. They will expect you to back down. Try seeing what they do when you put another re-raise on the board. That could change everything. Just letting them see what you’re going to do can make the difference as well. If you present yourself as a very strong player, then you will look like a strong player.


The truth is that heads up play is really what you make of it. Don’t bring your doubts into that final table. You have all of the ability in the world to take home that first prize. If you want to really sharpen your skills before you do a lot of tournaments, that would be a good thing. But the truth is that if you really want to get better at tournaments, you just have to keep entering them. You have to keep playing tournaments. This is something that’s hard to deal with, but it definitely makes sense. All you need it to from here is to play. Let yourself go, and let yourself play. That’s really all there is to it. The more that you focus on this, the better off you will honestly and openly be.

From here, everything is really up to you. Do you want to enroll in a tournament to practice, or do you need to work on the emotional side? Don’t feel embarrassed if you say that you need to work on not taking poker personally. A lot of people actually find that they take the game personally, which keeps them from the big wins that they deserve. Once a paler has gotten you to connect mentally to the game, they know that they have you trapped. They know that they have you right where they want you. The more that they can unbalance you emotionally, the more likely it is that you’ll just make weird decisions for the sake of reacting. In order to play your best poker, you have to be pretty calm.Continue Reading