Understanding Bonuses Available from Online Casinos

If you are an avid gambler, I’m sure you have come across a plethora of bonus offers in your email. Nowadays you might even receive text messages where a casino is offering a 100% match bonus on your first deposit (or something similar). Whatever the case may be, you have to research the bonus before accepting it. Take the time to read over the fine print, because it will help you decide the best casino site for you.

Get 500 Free Spins Now (No Deposit Required)

Out of all the bonuses you might receive, an offer like this one is probably the safest to play. Basically they give you 500 free spins upfront, and you get to keep any of your winnings. Or do you? If you read the “fine print” there will be host of rules that must be accomplished in order to retain this money. In all honesty they make it virtually impossible to reach. I actually tried this once (many years ago), and when the 500 spins were complete I ended up winning $127.18.

casino Bonuses

I was excited at first, but when I tried to withdraw it, the casino site said I had to play another 2000 spins, and those spins must be the equivalent of $2,000 played. Now, if I were to win after this was played, then I would be able to withdraw the winnings. These odds are about as good as winning the lottery. Needless to say, I was out of money after about 300 spins.

First Deposit Match Bonuses

Most online casino sites are similar when it comes to a first deposit match bonus (except for the initial amount they will match). Let’s say I’m given a 100% match bonus on $100. The casino either deposits the match bonus into my account, or they offer a voucher on another page where I can eventually cash it in to play. I am able to gamble with this money as much as I want, but in order to withdraw it, I still have to hit a wagering threshold determined by the casino.Continue Reading

Taking it Slow: How to Succeed at Slow Play

It can often be tempting to adopt a “make-em-pay-to-play” strategy, especially if you are holding strong hole cards. However, this tactic of trying to force your opponents to fold pre-flop can be disastrous.

One way to avoid getting called on a high pre-flop bet or raise is to put the onus on your opponents. Enter slow play. For some, slow play is, when executed correctly, a clever strategy for making a profit on the poker table. For others, it is a frustrating tactic used by those who refuse to contribute to the pot. Whatever the case may be, you will need to know what it is and how to employ it.

So, what is slow playing? Quite simply, it is downplaying the strength of your hand. Whereas most people would bet strong (or raise) with pocket aces and a A,7,7 flop – the player adhering to a slow play strategy would simply pass or make the minimum call. Follow the five simple steps below and you will be able to add the art of slow play to your repertoire in no time.

1) Don’t slow play all the time

This should seem obvious, but many newcomers to the game of poker like to use the slow play tactic constantly. The more you develop a habit on the table, the easier you will become for other players to read – and the faster you will lose your money.

Slow Play poker

2) Don’t get trapped

Quite often, new players will use a slow play tactic until seeing the turn – then seeing the card they want, re-raise to a high amount (oftentimes going all-in). All it takes is for the opponent to call and get the river card they were looking for to destroy your bankroll. Always keep in mind all the possible scenarios that could beat your hand and don’t slow play yourself into a hole.

3) Let the pot increase

If you have a good hand – and especially if going against no more than three people – don’t be afraid to let the pot grow as much as possible. Poker is a game of risk and reward – no risk, no reward. The key is knowing when to take the risk and when not to do so.Continue Reading

Go Wireless Forever With Mobile Bingo

The smartphone boom has paid off for multiple industries, and the online gaming industry is no exception to this. Indeed, most people have found that they can pursue their love of playing casino games while still exploring the world around them. If you don’t want to be in the house all day but you still don’t want to spend a lot of money, mobile bingo is a great option. You can play free bingo or paid bingo, and you can still pass away the time without getting bored.

There’s a lot more to mobile bingo than meets the eye. The high quality graphics and full sound add depth to the experience. You start feeling like you’re really playing at a bingo hall in real time.

bingo on the go

The true gift of mobile bingo is that you get to connect with new people, even when you have a full list of errands to run. There will always be just a little bit of downtime, and not every bingo game is very long. There are some fast games that you can play in just a few minutes, leaving you plenty of time to spare. The people you meet in the bingo rooms are very social, and they love making new friends. You can chat with them during the game if you have the auto daub feature turned on, or you can shift towards chatting after the game while you’re waiting for a new game to become available.

You don’t have to have a huge smartphone in order to play bingo. Even a basic smartphone can still be used; just go to honeybeesbingo for mobile bingo fun.

If there’s a downside to mobile bingo, it would be that you still have to have a solid data connection in order to play. So we don’t recommend any deep country trips with your smartphone, where getting a signal may become difficult. Stick to places where you know that you’re going to have some sort of data connection. It doesn’t even have to be your cellular data, as you can switch over to Wi-Fi with ease. Most mobile bingo apps are configured so that if you switch between data connections, the fun doesn’t stop. However, slower speeds may make for choppy gameplay.

Check out playing bingo on your smartphone today!

Fun and Exciting Online Slot Bonuses: Tips Included

Successful online slots players are not just lucky, they are calculated. They have strategies in place, and rarely will you see a professional stray from those strategies. However, the amateur slot player is typically just looking to have a good time and play some fun games. If they spend $50 and lose it, it’s the equivalent of eating out at a decent restaurant. It’s your job to figure out what type of gambler you are going to be, even if it means somewhere in between. This will be crucial before you start playing.

It’s always recommended that you feel out each game you are interested in playing. This should be done through the “practice mode.” This approach allows a gambler to understand how the game works (how many lines, bonuses, denominations, etc.), so they are not just throwing money away upfront. After all, most people don’t like losing money if they don’t know how they are losing it.

Below you will find a few secrets to some of the most enjoyable slot games a casino site can offer:

1. Caesar’s Empire

Caesar Empire slot

Based on Ancient Rome, Caesar’s Empire is more than just its natural appeal on the surface. This virtual slot game offers more chances to hit the in-game bonus. All you have to do is receive one Caesar coin on reels 1-4, and the Coliseum on reel 5. Sure, it can be difficult to get the coliseum, but you definitely get more chances to hit the bonus with this game.

Once the bonus is achieved, the gambler receives 10 free spins. During the game, if a Caesar coin appears, there will be an additional 1 to 5 spins added to the bonus. This is a huge benefit, and one of the reasons so many online slot players play this game. Personally, the highest I’ve ever seen it go is 72 spins on the bonus.

However, if you don’t you see a lot of Caesar coins coming up in your first 50 spins; it’s probably best to switch games.

2. Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden slot

Another popular game on casino websites, Enchanted Garden has a little different bonus than Caesar’s Empire. In order to receive free spins, the enchanted fairy must land on reel 1 and 5. This game is probably one of the hottest and coldest games available to play. Sometimes you can wait 200 or 300 spins to hit a bonus, and it only last 7 spins.Continue Reading

Online Casino Gaming Sites for Real Money

Casinos can be fun, but they can also be expensive. The food, the drinks, and sometimes even an entry price can all drive up the cost of going to a casino. Not to mention the transportation fees to get there and the hotel price of a hotel room. This only leaves a marginal amount of money to play with. There is an alternative. Many casinos are now available online, and these casinos have real payouts. Almost all languages are available online in different casino websites, for example, Norwegian players can find best casinos at Riktig Casino. Not just points or coins, these casinos offer real payouts and some good sized ones at that.

casino for real money

It is also possible to find casinos that do not make players pay to play. Some online casinos will let a potential player have free limited demo play, but then they will ask the member to open a paid membership if they want to keep playing. Other casinos offer completely free play. These casinos are supported by ads, so players should expect to see ads on the screen while they play. Other casinos may ask players to download their program. This could be potentially harmful, as viruses can attach themselves to these download files. The best casino to play at is one that is ad supported and lets players interact right on their website.

How players are paid is also an important matter. Most casinos will either send their winners a check, deposit into their bank account, or send payment to an online payment service, such as PayPal or Skrill. Providing bank information can be very risky, so it is better to avoid casinos that offer this as their only payment method. Payment services are a good option. Ensure that the payment service is one that can deposit to a US bank account, and offers zero percent fraud liability. These kinds of systems can do a secure transfer to a bank account, or can access their money via a secured debit card from the site. Checks can also be sent, but may take a few weeks to process. Avoid sites that offer only one method of payment. These sites could be scams.

Players can have a good time on these sites. Use logic and safety when picking a casino site to play on. If something seems off, then it probably is. Read all of the sites rules and regulations before joining. Customers should know their rights in case a problem occurs. Above all else, enjoy a casino experience at home.

If You Want a Challenge, Turn to Bingo

Listen: we know that when it comes to challenging gaming, you probably don’t think too terribly often about bingo. Bingo is one of those games that people only think old people play. Not to be politically incorrect or anything. I’m sure that you have a very nice grandma, but you probably don’t want to play anything that she’s playing.

Bingo is more than a Mecca for old ladies and gents; it’s actually a challenging game that every gambler should think about. Here’s what makes bingo so interesting:

First and foremost, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have a good time. We watch the big televised poker events like anyone else, but those decisions can make your head hurt. Do you fold, or go all in? Are you going to go for a logical decision, or are you going to play with your gut? Either choice could give you the bracelet, or it could leave you going home in defeat. Scary stuff.

play bingo online

Why not play bingo instead? If you don’t happen to win a bingo round, you can always try again without too much problem. The challenge comes from all of the different patterns that you have to choose from. Each room is going to play for a different pattern. If you’re a fun of classic blackout bingo, you can play that. But if you want to play a pattern of flowers, or even a big heart, you can do that. When you think about it, this style takes a lot more effort.

Are you going to step up to the challenge? Not only do you get cool rooms to play in, but you will also meet tons of great people. We still have friends from bingo rooms that we’re close to. When one of your friends wins, it’s awesome. It takes the sting out of not winning yourself. When you build a good social list of people, you feel like you can take over the bingo world. Some people say they even start winning more when they add in more friends. Now, nothing is guaranteed in the world of bingo but it never hurts to start looking into anything and everything, right?

If you want to play bingo, you’re going to need a site to play at. We highly recommend that you play bingo online with Paddy Power. It’s a well established site that gives you plenty of playing options for the money. You can play to your heart’s content, and who knows…you just might win big! Join the site and start playing today.

Beat the Heat With Online Casino Gambling

Summer isn’t fully upon us yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into casino gambling online. In fact, there are multiple benefits of checking out casinos online instead of going to them in real time. For one, the fun doesn’t stop until you do. In other words, you can play at an online casino far longer than you ever could at an offline one. This gives you the chance to chase away boredom, win prizes, and even put real money into your pocket. That’s right, it’s true: even though there are free games for you to check out, chances are good that you’ll still want to play for real money eventually. You can move from the free set of games to playing for real money as often as you want. If you just want to play free games to pass the time, you can do that as well. Casinos know that even when players have significant bankrolls, that don’t mean that they want to play all of the time.


If you’re looking for a new casino to play at, you also have several options when it comes to finding the best spot. You can start by looking to see a casino as listed on CasinoAve.com, where you can find more information without spending any money at all.

The casino world has had a lot of changes. One significant historical change goes all the way back to 2001, with the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act (IGA/Wikipedia). This law directly affects people living in Australia, as they are blocked from all forms of interactive gambling. This would mean that scratch cards are out, as they are instant win. However, not all is lost: you can still find sports betting online open to Australian residents. Also, free games aren’t played for real money, and those would still be available.

popular slots

Playing online is a matter of finding which games are going to work for you, and which games that are best left for special occasions. For example, if you’re not one for heavy strategy, playing poker for hours will unlikely hold your interest. On the other hand, if you enjoy battling it out with other people, then poker would become your top choice. Playing video slots helps you pass away the time in style, as these games often feature full color and sound, along with a wide host of features.

Not only do you get to visit new and interesting games, you will also be able to check out the communities that spring up around a good online casino. Chatting to new people helps you build connections that you just can’t make anywhere else. After all, how many people are going to appreciate your love of slot games, or your eye for the latest in casino entertainment? Usually when you’re playing slots or bingo there will be a chat box where you can reach out to other people. In other cases, you might get a separate forum to interact with like-minded communities.

Popular slot themes from history

It does not matter how old you are, it seems that certain slot themes have been popular with all ages down the years.

Some are a little generic in their approach (like sports and food slots) and are clearly popular both in the physical live casino and the online versions

But those that are much more specific tend to also be extremely popular, especially if they offer an historical slant that keeps punters interested and playing for longer.

There is clearly plenty of scope when it comes to creating a slot game with an historical theme, although there are some periods that feature far more frequently than others. They hold their appeal and draw the attention of players year after year.


Dinosaurs slots

The draw of dinos is a pull too strong to ignore for a lot of people. From sticker books as a kid to films like Jurassic Park as an adult, the prehistoric has always had the ability to lure funds out of parents’ or your own pockets.

People are certainly not alone in their fascination with the world’s former scaly residents, and it’s an interest that seems to follow plenty of us into adulthood.

With such wonderment hardwired into lots of us from an early age, is it any wonder that so many casinos design slots with this theme in mind?


Aztec slots

Now, we might not know how the current education curriculum works but you might not recall being taught much about this particular era during your time at school.

However, it is a theme that lights up the eyes of many casino goers. Maybe it is just the fact we do not know much about them that drives our continued interest with slots of this type.

Or, maybe, it’s just that nobody can resist the challenge of draining a mythical lost temple of its riches and winning some real coin as a reward! Either way, there is no denying the Aztec theme is as popular as it ever has been.

Gladiators and Spartans

Gladiators and Spartans slots

It seems like we cannot go more than three years without a big blockbuster movie coming out with this theme at its centre.

Films like Gladiator and 300 are a couple of the biggest and they are popular with people of all ages.

It is probably the heat of the battle that creates the excitement here and it is something that certainly taps into our desire for victory at the casino.

World Wars

World Wars slot

Another theme that constantly pops up in film, year after year, is that of the World Wars. They ended generations ago but, thanks to pop culture references and the continued teaching of the subject at school, you would be hard pressed to find anyone on the planet who is not familiar with this topic.

And, of course, who can resist the chance to save the day and earn some coin at the same time?

Maybe that is why this subject is another you will find used as the base for slot games in casinos all over the world.

Wild West

Wild West slot

Massively popular with those people who grew up with the classic Westerns of the 1930s to 1960s, you would think that this theme might have had its day.

However, computer games like Red Dead Redemption and films such as the 2010 remake of True Grit, 2014 comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West and the sci-fi Cowboys & Aliens have all helped keep the younger generation keenly spinning away on slots of this genre.

Besides, who does not enjoy shouting ‘Yee-haw!’ as the winnings roll in?

Solid online slot design can make all the difference

There are online casinos and gaming sites all over the Internet today. People can go just about anywhere to bet online in just about any avenue they wish: blackjack, poker and even slots.

With so many choices for bettors, it’s tough to make ones site and games stand out from the crowd. One way to get people’s attention is have an eye-catching design; particularly for online slots.

The Sopranos slots

For example, while many casino sites may have hundreds of online slots, an impressive quantity no doubt, for players to choose from, what makes a site really stand out is the quality of the games’ look and brands. Sites would be better served to have slots that include popular television shows such as ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Sopranos’, films like ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Scarface’ like a site such as MrSmithCasino.com does. Well-known characters in pop culture circles like the Wonder Woman, Hellboy, Robin Hood and Superman are also a good way to gain a gamer’s attention.

Superman slots

When players can not only visit a gaming site and play slots for fun or money, but also do so in the world of their favorite TV show, movie or fictional character, they are more likely to come back in the future to play again. And that’s one of the keys to any website’s success, gaming or otherwise; not just getting people to visit once, but to come back and play on a regular basis.

It also pays to put an emphasis on slot design because despite there being so many different types of games to choose from, slots are perhaps the most popular. Part of the reason of course is because slots don’t take much skill – you pop in your money, spin and hope for the best. The chance of winning big without much effort is very entertaining for players.

So, think about that for a second. If slots are the most popular of casino games, doesn’t it make sense to up the ante and make sure they’re even more attractive with a solid design? Studies have shown that players will gravitate towards the slot machine first; the sounds of coins being dispensed and the flashing lights are deliberately part of the design to make our brains focus on potential winnings. Add this psychological edge to a design featuring players’ favorite characters or TV show and chances are you’ll have long-time repeat consumer. In other words, familiarity plus the promise of a reward equals players coming back for more.

It’s also no secret that gamblers can be superstitious more often than not. Sometimes, they’ll consider a character their “good luck charm”. If your slot has a design they associate with lucky, maybe their favorite superhero or movie character, a person is that much more likely to play.

If you take a closer look at betting sites, you may notice a number of images that link to video slot games feature a character’s face, particularly the eyes. There’s a good chance that’s because the eyes are often considered a gateway and a great way to draw potential players into the game.

Remember when designing an online slot machine, you won’t have the buzz that’s generated in an actual casino to help make your game exciting. The entire buzz is reliant on how fun your game is. You may add bright lights and sounds that mimic a casino, but will that part of the design make your game fun? It’s best not to leave it to chance; that’s what the game is for!

Enhance your game’s design, because if a player is playing an online slot machine where they can be Robin Hood, Tony Montana or Tyrion Lannister, there’s a very good chance they’ll want to play your game again and again.

Has Mobile Bingo lost its social touch?

Since bingo started somewhere back in the 1400’s the game has always been about bringing people together. Every element of the game lends itself perfectly to drawing in the crowds, who as the game progresses become more and more intensely focussed on scoring off those numbers as they’re called.

Whilst talking during a game may be an offence that will get you glared at or perhaps even expelled from a hall, the time before and after the game makes for an ideal opportunity for people to enjoy each other’s company. It only takes a quick trip to your local bingo hall and you’ll notice people have ‘bingo friends’, it’s clear to see that bingo forms part of people’s social lives.


Whilst technological progress has meant that less people play in the land based bingo halls, the masses have been flocking to the various online bingo websites, which are now numerous. This shift in playing patterns is not always looked upon as favourable to the social element of bingo.


It seems to us however that bingo sites accessible through desktop or laptop do indeed cater for the social element of the game, in some ways players benefit from more of a social community than they do in the halls. This is because online operators allow players to select ‘auto daub’ features which means that the players don’t have to click every ball as it’s called, allowing them to chat during the games – not something that’s permissible in the bingo halls.Continue Reading