Where To Play Bingo

Where to play your online bingo is a very hard decision to make, especially now when we are presented with such a huge variety of online bingo sites. Ultimately your decision will be based on what you want from the site. Each site will differ largely from their bingo bonuses and promotions to tailored aspects designed for specific target audiences.

Here’s what to look out for when choosing where to play:

The target audience – with such a large amount of online bingo sites available you will want to find one suited to you. Many sites are very non-specific and cater for massive audiences from all different backgrounds all aiming to get something different from the experience. With the addition of features like chat rooms these can be ideal for some users as they can meet people and generally have fun. They will have the largest customer bases and often the largest payouts. Other sites have specific target audiences which are based on either the country they want their customers to come from or the gender of their players, for example females. Sites with specific target audiences like this could well suit you as they would enable you to meet or play bingo with like-minded people to yourselves.

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The features – The bigger the site the more extra features it will have. Some sites feature a limited games archive and very little extras while others have a very extensive catalogue of games suited to every player. Games range from simply 75 and 90 ball bingo to many themed variations like Monopoly game etc. As well as different games many sites offer different tournaments with different payouts and entry fees, from free to play tournaments to promotional tournaments that require minimum wagers. Aside from games and tournaments, another main feature of many online bingo sites are the chat forums. Users can talk amongst themselves and with the CMs (Chat moderators) whilst playing their favourite games.

Bonuses – All sites offer promotional bingo bonuses from little to large. If you are playing bingo for the chance to win big cash and prizes these are the important factor. Sites offer huge bonuses giving away anything from free bingo games, like free bingo no deposit at landmark bingo, to amazing trips away. Alongside bonuses are the payouts. Some sites have higher rates of payouts and larger sums paid out. This will all be dependent on the money you wager or spend.

Common Myths about online slots

When it comes to slots, both online and land-based versions, there are many myths and misinformation surrounding how they work and how you can increase your chances of winning. Some of them are based on pure superstition and others are created by disgruntled players. Given below are a few common online slots myths and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Slots are designed to never pay out.

It is understandable how this myth has arisen. Displeased customers are always more vocal than those, who are satisfied. That is why you may find many stories about how an online casino took all of someone’s money and paid none back. Unfortunately, this may happen to some players. However, this only shows someone’s lack of luck. In order to exist, online casinos must make money. This means that they cannot pay out more money than they take in. As slot games are randomised, some people will lose while others will win money.

Myth #2: I can win if the game is in a ‘pay cycle’

The myth of ‘pay cycles’ and ‘take cycles’ has been around since the time slots were first introduced. The truth is that slot games do not run on ‘pay cycles.’ Gaming commissions would not even allow it. This is the reason why all online slots run on Random Number Generator. This is why gamblers cannot identify patterns in the game’s payout and neither can they predict the outcome of the game. Random Number Generators work on complex algorithms. The numbers from 1 to 1000 (or some other number, depending on the system) are each assigned to a particular symbol. A random number generator picks a combination of numbers, some ‘whirring’ graphics are added, and your spin is generated. The number of pay lines you have enabled analyses the combinations generated to see if they match against the predetermined ‘winning’ combinations. That is how winners and loser are being determined.

Myth and facts

Myth #3: I have a special strategy that will help me win.

Many people believe that they can use a certain strategy in order to win. These strategies vary from starting out with small amounts of money in order to “warm-up” the system to pressing the stop button at exactly the “right time.” However, all this is not going to help you win. The outcome of the games of chance, and particularly slots, is absolutely random and unpredictable. There is no way to influence it, regardless of what you do. Pressing the stop button for example may speed up the game process, but there is no way possible to influence the outcome.

Myth #4: Slots will pay out in little jackpots at regular intervals in order to encourage the players to keep playing and eventually bet higher.

This is also a myth since online slots don’t have the ability to choose the time when the machine will pay out. Since slots are governed by the Random Number Generator, jackpots will emerge randomly and never in a pattern.

Progressive Jackpots

One of the most important factors determining the extremely high popularity of online slots is the existence of progressive jackpots. When referring to slots, generally, a progressive jackpot is the highest payoff for a gaming machine, as the jackpot amount increases a little bit with every single game played on that machine. In addition, slot jackpots in a lot of cases are accumulated not only from a single slot machine, but from multiple slots linked together in a network, which makes them particularly attractive.

It is logical that these jackpots are among the best attractions that online casinos offer to their customers. If enough slots are linked in order to accumulate a lot of money, a progressive jackpot can literally be life-changing, provided of course, that you are lucky enough to win it. Naturally, land-based casinos also have progressive jackpots. Those jackpots, however, combine the input of a rather limited number of players on a relatively small number of slot machines. Online, however, things look quite differently since progressive slot jackpots might be generated by an unlimited number of slots and players all around the world.

If progressive slots jackpots are the main reason why you have decided to explore your odds with slot machines, there are some specifics that you need to take into account. As already discussed, the appeal of these jackpots is in the network, which makes the accumulation of a higher payout amount possible. This, however, also means that there are more players competing for this particular jackpot and each one of them has a chance of winning it as much as you do. Therefore, another option is playing slots where the individual slot has its own progressive jackpot. This way, your odds would be better as you will be the only person with the chance of winning it, as long as you continue playing, that is; however, in this case it is not likely that the amount will be spectacularly high, let alone life-changing.

Progressive Jackpots

Another thing to take into account is how many slots are linked in the same network in order to accumulate a given progressive jackpot. Are these slots from one online casino or do they span through a whole network of online casinos? This information is usually available online and gives you an idea about the jackpot amount as well as how many players have their eyes on it.

Also, another important thing to know about these jackpots is that, as a rule, jackpot slots usually have the lowest payout ratio. This is quite logical, since a part of the payout that you would normally receive if you won, is diverted in order to accumulate the jackpot. Therefore, you should decide for yourself whether it is only the progressive slots jackpots that interest you, or if you prefer better odds for smaller, more regular paybacks that can keep you in the game for a longer period of time. In any case, you could at least every once in a while spice up your game with the possibility of winning one of the life-changing progressive jackpots. Check out dazzlecasino.com to see what jackpots are available for you today. With a little bit of luck – this can be a Christmas you will never forget!!

Bingo Comes Alive Online, Check It Out

If you’ve played bingo offline at a traditional bingo hall, then you might just assume that bingo doesn’t change that much when you play it online. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that bingo has a great role to play in your life, if you choose to go through that door. We’re all trying to do one thing most of the time, and that’s beat boredom at every turn. If we’re bored, then we’re basically wasting time. We might as well try to find something that’s going to be entertaining, right? Well, online bingo comes alive in many different ways online, and it’s open to just about everyone to check out.

The first way that bingo comes alive online is through music. The music isn’t always intrusive, but it adds to the theme of the room you’re playing bingo in. Everything is very customizable in a bingo hall, which means that you can always turn the music off when you get tired of it. This is definitely the case at places like https://www.smoothbingo.com/, where there’s always plenty of bingo action.


Another way that bingo comes alive online is through full color. Who wants to look at plain black and white cards when you have a world of color waiting for you online instead? You also don’t have to pay extra for colorful daub marks. Most games let you customize your daubing color as well. If you want to take a screenshot with your winning card, you can do this with ease. It’s just a matter of checking out each room when you get a chance.

The final way that bingo comes alive is through variety. You don’t have to play the same “five in a row” game that so many bingo halls make you sit through. If you’re going to spend hard earned cash on bingo for real money online, you might as well have different patterns to choose from at the end of the day. After working all day, you probably just want something that’s going to be relaxing. Having so many options at your fingertips without leaving home is great.

If you want to go out and play bingo, you might as well check out online bingo first. No commute, no gas expense, and no hassles: just plenty of fun to enjoy!

Live Late Night TV: The Forgotten Online Casino Sector

The online casino sector of the global gambling industry has become increasingly successful as the 21st century has gone on. Whilst this virtual extension of physical gambling establishments, like those found upon Las Vegas’s famous strip, began as pixelated and simplified simulations, now they are authentic extensions which often eclipse their real-life counterparts.

This eclipsing has been achieved by their attractive interfaces, rolling bonuses and pacy play. It was online casinos like SuperCasino, which offered live streaming of roulette games officiated by trained and glamorous dealers, which really initiated virtual gambling’s transcendence from mere replication to substantial innovation of the original form.

Television’s Forgotten Role

However, within summarisations and commentary of the gambling revolution, TV’s role is often forgotten. For whilst SuperCasino’s dazzling, themed slots and quick-fire digital poker tables have become what the company is best known for, this brand actually gained traction through its television endeavours.


Super Casino TV (SCTV), which was originally broadcast under the name of Vegas 24/7, was launched in April 2005. The TV channel is available either 24/7 on Sky channel 862 or on Channel 5 in the early hours, usually from midnight. The show is structured around live roulette play and is made up of either automated events or presented by chat hosts. Viewers can play along with the action on-screen either by using their telephone, SuperCasino’s website or the recently-introduced feature of smartphone apps. SuperCasino was the first online casino to have a channel devoted to a variant of its games and, more importantly, used accredited roulette wheels that adhered to e-gambling regulations.


The live roulette show is hosted by a rotating cast of knowledgeable and personable presenters, with Anna Jardine Jones and Bryn Lucas being the most popular. This show has the most leisurely pace of all the programmes the channel offers, with a new roulette round beginning roughly every five minutes. As soon as the ball is dropped, bets are stopped, and the presenters only interject once play has stopped. This format has proved incredibly popular and has not been altered significantly since its beginning at the channels inception.

The New Arrival

Roulette Express Premium is a latest addition to Super Casino TV’s roster. The show, which is broadcast on the Sky channel between the hours of 4am and 6pm, is not led by a presenter. This show has more speed than the live version, with an automated roulette table which uses jets of compressed air to throw the ball and creates a more high-octane gambling experience.

This TV channel has proved resilient, even with the rise in popularity of SuperCasino’s online games, and still records exceptional ratings for its timeslot, where it is often the top-rated show within the early hours. Moreover, the gambling games and events which the channel offers have kept up with technological advancements.

Live Roulette and Roulette Express Premium are now available to be streamed directly to smartphones via apps. Therefore, this popular, presented gambling show is now accessible to those both on the move and in their living rooms.

New mobile casino portal uses pyramid model to rate top sites

New casino review portal and gaming information website Slotsquad has revealed it uses a pyramid model for assessing top mobile casinos. It appears the team at the comparison site are using a technique to assess platforms that involve multiple levels of cross-examination. The mission of the Squad is to identify top targets for bonus hunters who access casino games via smartphones and tablet devices.

Philip Winston of Slot Squad said “we can no longer look at online casinos in one dimension, it takes all kinds of vantage points to see the true product.” Slotsquad is quickly becoming known as an expert in profiling top mobile casinos for iPad and iPhone and now adds another key effort to its ambition. So how do we think the pyramid model works?

mobile casinos

It’s possible that review specialists at Slotsquad.co.uk are using blocks of information to arrange a hierarchy. If the bottom elements are good enough, they can then support the next level until the product can make a rating. The first level might include a welcome bonus, deposit options for real money players and bonus play through requirements. The second tier would probably feature slots and games variety with other levels including design and customer support. We don’t know how they’re doing it, but given what Slot Squad is already able to do; it adds significant value to the way in which they will find mobile casinos in the future.

10 ways to give yourself the best chance of success in blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games and has been for a long time. The game pits you against the dealer in which you have to beat their hand without busting 21. Although the card game is heavily based on chance, in terms of the cards you are dealt, there are a few things to take into consideration when sitting down to play which will give you a good chance of being successful.

  1. Check the dealer’s upcard

The biggest clue you will get about the strength on the dealer’s hand when playing backjack – whether it’s live-play or in the Betfair casino room, for example – is with the upcard. This is the card which the dealer has to reveal to you before you decide your move. This should help you make your mind up about your next step, whether that is to stick or twist.

If the dealer has a ten or face card, you should think about taking a chance and going for a total as close to 21 as possible. This is because the dealer is just one card away from a big score. However, on the flip side, if the card is low, don’t take risks. The dealer had a lot of work to do so their chances of busting increase.

  1. Never split 10s

Everybody has their own take on pairs and when is a good time to split and keep them together, however, the consensus is usually the same with 10s in that it is agreed they should never be split. Together they total 20 which is enough to win a large percentage of hands in blackjack. Wanting more than 20 in the game is very greedy and it will be a decision you may regret later down the line if you bust.

By splitting your 10s you would create two hands and be in a good starting position but there is no guarantee you will get will be lucky with your next cards from the pack. It could end up costing you twice as much as you started with as when you split pairs, you are also required to place a further bet on your second hand.


  1. Make the dealer work for the win

Although this may sound very obvious, what you must do in blackjack is make the dealer earn the win. If you bust your total, you are not doing that. There are occasions where a risk is worth taking in order to improve your hand but if you believe the chances of busting are high, stick with your total, regardless of what it is. The dealer must reach 17 before they can stand therefore by declaring a score; you are always in with some sort of chance. If they beat you, they have earned the victory.

  1. Makes the most from pocket rockets by splitting

A starting hand of a pair of aces is the perfect start in poker and will leave you in a strong position to begin the game with. In blackjack the cards together don’t actually do you any favours. Unfortunately, they can’t both be used as 11s otherwise you would bust so one of them has to revert to a one.

The cards can still be used to good effect though, if you split them to create two new hands. There is a strong chance you will hit a 10 or face card with one of your hands which will give you 21. If you are lucky, you might do so with both of them so the decision could prove to be very profitable. Even if you don’t get your 10, the dual value of the ace will give you two chances of building a decent total which can be competitive against the dealer.

  1. What to do with a soft 17?

It may seem strange to do anything but stick on 17 but if your hand is a soft 17, which will involve an ace and six; you are best advised to keep playing. The ace can be used as an 11 or 1 therefore you have two goes at getting even close to 21. If you hit a four or less with your first card from the pack, you should then stand. However, with anything higher, the ace will be fixed as a 1 and you will then have to use your judgement on how much further you go before sticking.Continue Reading

Squeezing the value out of online bingo

Ever since the first patented games of bingo were played back in the 1930s in the States, one thing has always remained the same. Bingo has always been a game that can be played for a low stake and offers potentially high rewards. Now that you can choose from hundreds of different sites to play bingo online, that principle remains – it’s a cheap game to play, but the prizes can reach staggering amounts.

So, whatever way you play bingo, it’s always good value. And with many of the online sites such as Kitty Bingo, 32red and Sky Bingo, there are lots of free games on the bingo schedules, and when you can play a game for free even though it has a cash prize attached to it, that represents even better value.

It’s not just in the price of the games that you get value with online bingo though. When you join a site as a new player, there’s always some free credit to pick up along the way. If you play bingo online at 32red, you can get an extra £32 added to your account for every £10 that you put in as an initial deposit. That’s more than tripling your money before you’ve even played a game! It’s always worth checking what welcome bonuses the different sites are offering – they change all the time and some are more generous than others.

Once you’ve benefited from the online bonus, the promotions don’t stop there. You can often get re-deposit bonuses – of around 50% – when you add fresh funds to your account. Although you shouldn’t necessarily add more money just to take advantage of those extra bonuses, you may as well time a new deposit to make the most of bonus money. Some sites will offer a re-deposit bonus on a certain day or the month, or on a player’s birthday, for example. Keep an eye on the promos page of your preferred site and see what you extra credit you can get.

play bingo online

Get more value out of every game you play

When you play a bingo game, look at what kind of jackpot is on offer. Although you might be tempted to join in only the big jackpot games, this is where the majority of players will be headed to play, and the more players there are, the further that jackpot prize will have to be split. It may be better to play the lower jackpot games that aren’t always as popular. You don’t necessarily increase your chances of winning this way, but if you happened to win, there would likely be fewer people winning along with you that you’d have to share the big prize with.Continue Reading

Let’s Hear it for the Free Bingo Girls!

There’s no denying the countless studies which have shown that over the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in women gambling. Most of this can be contributed to the rise of online and mobile gambling, which has made it easier for us to access our favourite bingo, slot and casino games at the touch of a button.

There’s no doubt there’s a link between the advances in technology and the way gambling can now efficiently fit into our lives. Gone is the need to get dressed up and head to the casino, or organise the girls to meet at the nearest bingo hall. Instead, you can play in your pyjamas and slippers if you like, from the comfort of your own home. Plus, with the rise of mobile bingo sites, you can daub away in your free time no matter where you are. Bingo and casino gaming now neatly fits into our lives, making it easier and more accessible for women to get into gambling.

Even bingo sites these days have themes that are either focused on females in general or have a special niche. For example take hot new site Mummies Bingo, which as you can guess from the name is aimed at all those yummy mummies out there. Of course having a child isn’t a requirement for signing up, and you won’t be asked to prove it. But from a community aspect in chat rooms and on social media, Mummies Bingo players share likeminded ideas and lifestyles which are reflected in their banter. This completely turns on its head the old stereotype of men gambling in a dark and smoky room, cigar in hand, grunting at each other, and instead reaches out to those who enjoy gambling but aren’t limited to a stereotype.


Plus, there are loads of great advantages for signing up to sites like Mummies Bingo. For example, that site in particular offers players a fantastic £15 absolutely free just for creating an account. That means players can enjoy free bingo no deposit required – perfect if you’re worried about spending a lot on gambling!

More than this, your freebie allows you to explore all this great bingo site has to offer, which includes some exciting slots and tempting casino table games. Choose from popular slots like Wild Vegas and Queen of Legends, or put your best poker face on and try out some card games.

The great thing about a no deposit bonus is that it allows you to test out games that you previously may not have wanted to spend money on, as you were unsure how to play. It opens doors as it means you can test things out with a bit of trial and error, without worrying about your own finances. Plus learning something along the way that could prove to be a new hobby!

So let’s hear it for the girls – go forth and win big!

As the Seasons Change, Step Into a New Online Casino

Fall is a great time for online gambling. Things tend to move slowly as people prepare for the big holiday season. There’s less to do, there’s more time for socializing, and people tend to be happier. They also want to stay closer to home if they don’t have anything going on. There’s something about temperatures falling that makes you just want to bury yourself under layers and layers of thick blanket and let the world move on without you. Of course, who said that you had to keep home a dry, boring place? With the power of the Internet, you can bring entertainment to you. Online casinos bring you timeless entertainment that’s completely on your schedule. There’s no limit to how long you can play in the casino, as long as you have the money. Even if you don’t have any more cash in your bankroll, you can always play the casino’s games for fun. If you want to win real money though, you have to put up real money.

There’s a certain thrill that comes from knowing that you can play at all of the best casinos, but rotating your picks every once and a while lets you keep track of new games. Not every game developer releases their games to every casino. Some casinos may have a super hot game, while others won’t get it until much later.

Online Gambling

Stuck on a casino idea? Why not check out Paddy Power Casino as soon as possible? You most likely recognize the name Paddy Power — it’s a huge name in the world of sports betting, but the company also runs a fine casino. Everything that you’re used to seeing at a casino is there, from slots all the way up to table games.

Want to play poker? You’ll find some poker action over at Paddy Power as well. Games of skill have always called to us, but take this as a time to figure out what’s really going to suit you. Continue Reading