Sometimes winning hands of poker isn’t about the cards themselves, but the people at the table. Given this fact, shouldn’t you aim for the easiest competition out there? The new and fairly unskilled players of poker are referred to as fish, and they aren’t going to cause you too much trouble. If you’re willing to challenge them, they’ll pretty much barrel into just about any hand, giving you easy money…if you choose to accept it.

Listen: some people really like to avoid the fish altogether. They feel that if they’re going to play poker, they should play against people that are just as skilled as they are, if not more so. But if you have a limited bankroll and you really want to make the most of it, you should try to catch some fish as much as possible. It can help you pad your bankroll so that you can go after more serious competition later on.

poker fish

Don’t be fooled though: fish can be challenging if you’re not fully prepared to engage them. Every fish has at least one lucky day. Poker isn’t just about mental prowess, but the luck of the cards. You might try to bully a fish, only to find that he really isn’t one to be pushed around. He will shove you back and go all in, leaving you to figure out if he’s seriously got something good or not. If the flop isn’t in your favor and the fish is shoving all his chips in, it might be time to cut loose and run.

Finding fish doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Did you know that the more well established the casino, the easier it is to find fish players? If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. New players flock to where the action is hottest. They’re not thinking logically at all. Instead of logic, they’re thinking purely of all of the money that they could win. They don’t want to find that they’ve been pushed out by stronger players. The allure of winning big poker hands like the players on TV is too strong to resist.

Online poker is indeed what you make of it, and you aren’t guaranteed anything. But if you want to hunt fish, make money, and really capture the spirit of poker…why not take a chance and play today? You just never know how much you can win until you play!