When it comes to online casino games many players from around the world would be pretty much divided in half if asked the question, “What do you prefer more, Casino Table Games or Casino Slots Games?”. This age old question has always caused great debates amongst myself and some of my closest friends. Just like me, my friends love playing casino games online but some of them only playing blackjack and can’t stand slots games, and the other half don’t even look at table casino games when they login to their online casino player accounts.

Casino Games

You would think that it was all fun and games when playing casino games but if the online casino does not have the game you want, then that is enough for you to throw your computer out the window. Fortunately for online casino players that play table casino games they rarely run into this problem as most of the best online casinos offer the same table casino games, where they differ is in their selection of online slots games. For avid online slots players they actually care about the type of platform the casino uses because the casino platform defines which slots games are going to be offered at that particular casino. Some examples of casino gaming platforms are RTG (Real-Time-Gaming), Microgaming, Rival, Playtech amongst others. If a particular online casino is on the RTG casino gaming software then the odds are very high that another online casino using the RTG gaming platform will have the same selection of slots games with varying bonuses and payouts. Again, if you’re an online casino player that just loves online casino table games then this information is as valuable to you as a TV with no cable. On the other hand if you live and breathe online slots games then the gaming platform used which determines the casino games offered will be of great significance to you.

Slots Casinos

Although there are just a few basic classic casino games played on tables, there is a crazy ton of slots games. An example of some of my favorite online slots casino games are Cleopatra’s Gold, Iris 3000, Good to Be Bad, and Light Speed. The previously mentioned slots casino games are typically found at the best online casinos using RTG software.

As you can tell by the above spiel that we here at Online-casinos-winner.com are torn between what we enjoy playing more; casino table games or casino slots games. Who says we have to choose? The debate between what casino games are the most fun and most profitable will always be a hot button amongst online casino players but nobody is wrong and nobody says that you can’t love both like we do. Our advice to you is if you only play casino table games then spend $5 learning how to play a new online slots game and if you don’t like it then it only cost you $5, but the potential reward is a lot higher if you fall in love with it, and vice-versa. So take it from us, don’t limit your fun to only a certain section of casino games, expand your horizons and keep an open mind when playing casino games at the top online casinos!