We talked a little about the Germans taking over our offices, which wasn’t a bad deal at all. We got to learn some things, meet up with some cool players, and pretty much have a blast kicking boredom in the face. But who said the Norwegians couldn’t join the party? Look, Sweden and Norway might be neighbors but …let’s just say that both countries peoples want to be identified properly, okay? So our Norwegian buds rolled up, realized that we were talking about all things casino and gambling related, and decided to take a page from the Germans. You guessed it, another cryptic translation! They said, “norske spilleautomater på nett“, which sounds mysterious until Google gets to it. 🙂

Norwegian online slots

Basically, they want to talk about Norwegian online slots. We don’t blame them at all. Can you imagine having to go online and play all of these different fruit machines, only to never find anything in your language? That would be downright terrible. How would you participate in the bonus games and get those free spins? What about when you hit the big progressive jackpot round and everything is in another tongue far different than your own? The hunt now is for Norwegian online slots, and there are a few other things that we might as well demand.

Demands? You bet, buddy! See, in the online world you deserve to have the highest quality. You deserve to be in a place where you can set yourself up for big wins. If you aren’t going to be able to consistently win anything, what’s the point of even trying out? Free spins, scatters, and all of the fun stuff can lead you to many hours of entertainment, but only if you’re willing to get started.

See, the other part of this equation isn’t just in Norske-friendly slots. It’s gotta be your participation. You need to step up to the plate, check out the entertainment and actually play. Do you need to register? Not at first. They want you to come in off the street and just test the waters. Once you start playing online slots, however, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to regret such a decision. Just go rock it out! 🙂