Over the years I have played so many different slots (old and new), and when Arrival became a new online slot, the visual appeal kind of reminded me of a cartoon movie like the Incredibles. Granted, this online slot is situated far into the galaxy, fighting off crazy aliens and robots, but it still brought back a few memories.

Anyways, if you’re going to be a big winner in Arrival, you have to take down the alien leader Zarpon. Running through the slot as the Galactic Police, you will be patrolling the galaxy and looking for any winning combination and bonus in the game. Here’s how they shake out.

Arrival 3D Slot

Galactic Police Bonus

When you’re spinning the reels, look for the female galactic police symbols. It’s bitter sweet when you find these, because your partner has been kidnapped, and it’s up to use to rescue her. She is currently being held hostage by the evil Zarpon, and in order to earn rewards, you have to figure out how to shut down the force field that is keeping her happy. Good luck. It could be a big win!

The Abduction Reel

Probably the most enjoyable bonus in the game is the abduction reel. You have a set amount of spins that will occur, and each time, one of the reels will be “abducted” and replaced with wilds. This is a huge benefit if you can get the wilds to fall within the first 3 reels, because you’re almost guaranteed a win. Granted, some will be bigger than others, but it’s the most exciting bonus when it comes to your winnings.

The UFO Bonus Feature

Personally, I’m not fond of games where you have to choose between certain areas (in this case, UFOs), in order to collect winnings. For some reason, I’m horrible at picking the biggest win, but I’m sure you’re a lot better at it. Whatever the case may be, you will need 3 Raygun symbols to trigger the feature.

All you have to do is choose the right UFOs to attack in order to take down Zarpon’s Armada. Choose wisely, because it could mean the difference between a huge win and future losses.

Understanding Wins, Bonuses, and Losses

I wanted to take a minute and explain what I meant about “the difference between huge wins and future losses.” You’ve probably played a few slots that take forever to hit a bonus. You keep thinking it has to happen soon, and eventually it does, but when the bonus is played out, you end up with scraps as winnings. The end result is a bad loss, and no matter how fun the 3D slots can be, you never want this type of loss to happen. So be careful. In my opinion, this game can offer huge payouts, but you could end up losing big if you don’t have an pre-planning strategy.