Wherever you look there are always plenty of big stories for different aspects of the casino – the biggest losers who have lost a lifetime fortune in just a few hands, the most dedicated players that receive huge compensation bonuses, or the most skilled who make the games look easy enough for anyone to win a fortune – and these stories only continue to grow with online casinos and their availability as some available here have contributed their own stories, but which have been some of the biggest casino wins in history?

(Image from jackpotfinder.com)

Elmer Sherwin – One of the  most well known stories and one that always encourages players to try their hand at slots – as the story goes the, the then 76-year-old man was already a seasoned gambler taking out $100 per week to play at casinos as they passed by, and making an effort to step into the Mirage during its Grand Opening had never won anything substantial at that point in his life – that night he did though walking away with the $4.6 million Megabucks jackpot. Not stopping there though, Sherwin would return from time to time for his weekly $100 bet, and sixteen years later would win huge once again with a $21 million jackpot win. Although the second time around he gave much of his winnings to charity, he’s often considered as one of the luckiest players in history.

Archie Karas – Many players will also know the story of high roller Archie Karas too – the story goes that he moved to Vegas with just $50 in his pocket and was quickly able to gain a lot in winnings whilst playing poker and beating some of the Poker greats too. Winning over $40 million across nearly three years of playing, it would certainly put him up there as one of the biggest winners, until he went and lost the fortune across a number of weeks following.

“Young Engineer” – Not all of the big winners are well known as some still remain obscure, and the story of the young engineer is one of them – at just 25-years-old during the win, the player chose the slots at Excalibur as his target and wagered $100 – the pay-out an enormous $39,713,982, a dream wins for any player. Instead of taking it in a lump sum, the player instead chose to take $1.5 million per year, which is often where the story ends.

There are plenty of other big stories of millionaires and billionaires who have wagered big and won big too as well as being extremely generous with big tips too, and with the launch of online casinos capturing a huge number of players it may not be long until more stories of these huge wins come.