It’s been said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch; but thank goodness there are clear exceptions to the rule. Slot games that are played just for fun might not put extra money in your pocket, but they are really fun. So yes, all of the winnings you get from a free slot game aren’t real, but isn’t it nice to pretend sometimes? If you’re looking for entertainment during a slow day where other options seem dull; check out free slot games.

Not all slot games are created equal, but there are some that stand head and shoulders above the pack for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it’s the natural storyline found in the game, or it may be the different features that can trigger huge payouts. You really won’t know what game you really like until you play it a few times. But if you’re stuck on knowing where to play, we have a good suggestion for you: Novomatic slot games.

Yes, it’s a category of games, but they’re well loved within the online gambling community. Novomatic is a company devoted to providing slot games that are fun, safe, and fair to all players. The slots listed below are all winners in terms of popularity, but each one has its own unique style. Check it out below.

1. Lucky Lady’s Charms Deluxe

Lucky Ladys Charms Deluxe

You have up to 10 paylines with Lucky Lady’s Charms Deluxe, giving you plenty of chances to win. It’s all for fun anyway, so why not aim for the best “win” and see what happens? What you have to do is make sure that you watch carefully for the scatter symbol: it’s an orb that floats between a lady’s hands. The scatter symbol gives you 15 free games plus a 3x multiplier on all of your winnings during the free games if you get lucky enough to land three orbs in a spin. There are other fun luck symbols that we noticed immediately: a shiny gold coin, an upside-down horseshoe, and a clover.

2. Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe


This is an amazing ocean themed slot with incredible graphics. There’s an autoplay feature so that you don’t have to endlessly click, leaving you free to play another slot in another window of your browser. It is a nine payline, five reel slot with a balanced set of features. If you get three scatters or more, you unlock fifteen spins. The same twist in Lucky Lady’s Charms Deluxe is present in Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe: 3 times your winnings on each spin! What’s neat about this game is that if you can unlock sixteen bonus games with the right combination. You have to get three scatters to come up in order to unlock this feature. The scatter symbol is a set of mussels. If you’re feeling like gambling with those free credits, you can always hit “gamble” and see if you can double your winnings. Another cool feature you don’t see every day in a free slot game!

3. The Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of Ra Deluxe

The Book of Ra Deluxe is one of the hottest slot games around. The ancient Egyptian theme is well executed here. The Book of Ra symbol doubles as both wild card and scatter, giving you multiple chances to win without necessarily making multiple spins. We were hooked from the first time we played. It might only be a five reel, ten payline slot, but it packs plenty of value for the budget conscious slot player.

If you’re looking for a strategy tip, here’s one you can use: since it’s a free game, it’s important to play it with the maximum amount of lines and credits in order to see the biggest wins. If you don’t want to mess with your settings all the time, autoplay can help you “set it and forget it”, so to speak.

4. Lord of the Ocean

Lord Of The Ocean Slot Game

This is another ocean theme for sure, but once you check out the graphics you’ll want to play it. You have a 5 reel, 10 payline slot configuration, giving you plenty of chances to win prizes. If you get three or more bonus symbols, you collect an extra 10 spins. Yet it doesn’t stop there, because the game picks a symbol at random. So when you get to the free spins, if that symbol comes up it expands to the whole reel, giving you 10x value on your winnings. That’s awesome!

5. Just Jewels Deluxe

Just Jewels Deluxe

Do you dream of the finer things in life? If you didn’t before, the stunning graphics of Just Jewels Deluxe might change that in a flash! Jewels are everywhere, and they’re the standard symbols of the game. We thought that was a great touch. This is a ten payline, five reel slot, in case you were curious about the structure. Look for the Euro symbol to pop up now and then, because it’s a scatter symbol that lets you win in ANY position on the board.

Getting the right strategy ahead of time is a good thing when it comes to these hot Novomatic slots. You want to make sure that you have autoplay turned on with the right settings. If you know you want a slower playing session, where you play the minimum bet only, then you want to adjust your betting settings before you do any spins. On the other hand, if you’re playing for max results, you need to put down the max bet. Have fun!