One thing that we know for a fact is that given a choice, players would rather have a free spin than not having one. To spell things out here, a free spin is when you can spin the wheel for free as long as you want without having to place any bets.

Some casinos demand that you place a bet on every single spin which is annoying. You can get around this by placing a bet on red and black on every spin but this of course costs money when the zero hits.

Rather than put yourself through this pain, it’s best to just play at a site that has unlimited free spins in the first place. Now as you may already know, online casinos use third party software platforms to dictate the outcome of their games.

The best of these software formats for free spins is Playtech. In a nutshell, Playtech have an unlimited amount of free spins available.

What makes Playtech even better is the fact that you can turn off the animation of the game. This means that you don’t need to watch the ball spin around and you can quite literally get hundreds of spins a minute which is fantastic.

Another good gaming platform for roulette is Microgaming. Now Microgaming do have free spins for some of their roulette games, you just need to know which ones to play.

At Microgaming you get two versions of both French and European roulette, one is just “regular” and the other is the “gold” version. There are a few differences between these two versions such as table limits, graphics (gold looks better) and you get a free spin with the gold versions whereas you don’t with the regular versions.

So to summarise what I’ve just said about Microgaming, play French roulette gold and European roulette gold if you want a free spin.

USA Players

Microgaming and Playtech are definitely the best casino software platforms and that’s why the top brands use them, but unfortunately for USA citizens, they aren’t welcome at either of these two platforms due to the current legal issues in America.

Sadly, there aren’t any reputable brands for USA players where they can get a true free spin on the roulette games. Until the laws become a little more clear in the USA, the best casinos are going to stay away and this means that USA citizens just have to make do with the lesser names that are prepared to accept them.