There are quite a few differences between the old school bingo parlor and today’s classy, online bingo experience. You’re still getting to play for real money but there are some distinct features that really do make it a very appealing choice. We’ve been looking over the options at Hityah Bingo, and it comes down to four key elements to note.


1. No Download Bingo

If you’re trying to test the waters, not having to download anything is definitely a strong selling point. What if you wanted to introduce a friend to this world and they didn’t want to have any new software on their computer? It might sound silly but a lot of people are worried about new software ushering in a wave of new threats to their computer. This isn’t the best way to entertainment, worrying about everything that can go wrong. The no download option gives you a chance to evaluate before you dig deeper; of course, you can always stay exploring without downloading anything.

2. Mobile Play


If you have a smartphone (and who doesn’t, really?) you can get great bingo action on your phone. Mobile bingo is red, red hot and can help you pass the time in style. By going the mobile route, you’re actually freeing yourself form your living room. This means that you can get great action on the road as long as you have a solid data connection. How much will you win? Well, you know what we say: only one way to find out!

3. Multiple Deposit Types

Online bingo has come a long way, with plenty of different ways to deposit money into your online account. You could go the prepaid route if you really don’t want to get your bank account involved. If you’re the direct transfer type, you can do that as well. It’s completely up to you.

4. Fast Downloads

Let’s say that you do want to download software to play bingo. That’s not a problem at all. Download it to your home computer and see how great the experience becomes.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself online, but bingo is by far one of the best pathways to real entertainment. Add in the fact that you can win real money and well…why wouldn’t you want to check it out?