The online casino sector of the global gambling industry has become increasingly successful as the 21st century has gone on. Whilst this virtual extension of physical gambling establishments, like those found upon Las Vegas’s famous strip, began as pixelated and simplified simulations, now they are authentic extensions which often eclipse their real-life counterparts.

This eclipsing has been achieved by their attractive interfaces, rolling bonuses and pacy play. It was online casinos like SuperCasino, which offered live streaming of roulette games officiated by trained and glamorous dealers, which really initiated virtual gambling’s transcendence from mere replication to substantial innovation of the original form.

Television’s Forgotten Role

However, within summarisations and commentary of the gambling revolution, TV’s role is often forgotten. For whilst SuperCasino’s dazzling, themed slots and quick-fire digital poker tables have become what the company is best known for, this brand actually gained traction through its television endeavours.


Super Casino TV (SCTV), which was originally broadcast under the name of Vegas 24/7, was launched in April 2005. The TV channel is available either 24/7 on Sky channel 862 or on Channel 5 in the early hours, usually from midnight. The show is structured around live roulette play and is made up of either automated events or presented by chat hosts. Viewers can play along with the action on-screen either by using their telephone, SuperCasino’s website or the recently-introduced feature of smartphone apps. SuperCasino was the first online casino to have a channel devoted to a variant of its games and, more importantly, used accredited roulette wheels that adhered to e-gambling regulations.


The live roulette show is hosted by a rotating cast of knowledgeable and personable presenters, with Anna Jardine Jones and Bryn Lucas being the most popular. This show has the most leisurely pace of all the programmes the channel offers, with a new roulette round beginning roughly every five minutes. As soon as the ball is dropped, bets are stopped, and the presenters only interject once play has stopped. This format has proved incredibly popular and has not been altered significantly since its beginning at the channels inception.

The New Arrival

Roulette Express Premium is a latest addition to Super Casino TV’s roster. The show, which is broadcast on the Sky channel between the hours of 4am and 6pm, is not led by a presenter. This show has more speed than the live version, with an automated roulette table which uses jets of compressed air to throw the ball and creates a more high-octane gambling experience.

This TV channel has proved resilient, even with the rise in popularity of SuperCasino’s online games, and still records exceptional ratings for its timeslot, where it is often the top-rated show within the early hours. Moreover, the gambling games and events which the channel offers have kept up with technological advancements.

Live Roulette and Roulette Express Premium are now available to be streamed directly to smartphones via apps. Therefore, this popular, presented gambling show is now accessible to those both on the move and in their living rooms.