Professional gamblers always provide tips to help you win money, but the majority of them are on a different platform. They flash big wins, but do so without telling you the amount of time it actually takes to reach these plateaus.

There are three online slot machine secrets any beginner can use to win money. However, the amount of money you win is a mood-point. Confused? We’ll explain:

Betting Denominations

Head to any nearby casino and there will be one trait that stands out. Most gamblers in the age range of 50-80 are typically playing no more than $1 per spin on a slot machine. In fact, the majority of them stick to the first two betting denominations on a penny slot.

Online Slot Machine

The goal here is to bet small and hopefully win big. These gamblers are not there to lose hundreds of dollars in a short period of time. Their strategy is built on patience, and if that big win never comes, they have not invested a lot of money. Most of these gamblers will not wager more than they can lose.

Everyone else in the age range of 21-49 (on average) are little more aggressive with their betting patterns. These gamblers will typically find a machine (e.g. Kapow or BAM!) with a $1.25 max play. It allows them to potentially “hit the jackpot,” even though the chances are pretty slim.

Then you have some gamblers who will bet $4-$10 a spin on a penny slot. These individuals are hoping for a quick hit, but it also means they are most likely doomed for a hard loss.

If you take the latter approach and get down $200 or $300, it’s harder to recoup those losses by the time you leave.

The Best Approach

When playing online slot machines, the trick is finding the right denomination to win money. Something that will not deplete your resources quickly, but will give you the opportunity to recoup those losses with one or two bonuses. Betting with the x2 or x3 is a much better approach than max play. Even though the jackpot will not pay the full amount if it’s hit, the payout will be enough to call you a winner.

In addition, knowing when to stop playing is just as important. This is more about walking away a winner, even if it means you only profited $25 to $50. If this turns out to be the result every time you play online slot machines, it will be a nice supplement income to your full time job.