It’s safe to assume that no market has seen as much growth in such a short space of time as mobile bingo has. Ever since mobiles were brought across to the bingo circuit of the gambling industry fans have flocked to it in their droves.

This huge influx of players has bolstered the ranks of the bingo crowd to the point where mobile bingo has become an incredibly successful industry in its own right.

But why exactly has bingo gone from the online market to mobile? Well, it could be said that this move was made in order to cater to a younger audience that prefers to game while on the go.

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Having the ability to earn money from something fun whilst out and about is a great selling point for a lot of players, especially the younger crowd that tend to be a bit more tech savvy and prefer to manage everything from their mobiles.

Some websites also helped move online bingo to the mobile market as many started offering apps and mobile-based payment options to encourage more people to sign up.

But it isn’t just the current sites that have changed; there’s also been an increase in new sites that cater solely to mobile bingo players. Because of this sudden growth specialist sites like had to be created to help with the inevitable confusion that was caused by the influx of all of these sites.

Sites like make searching for the best sites really easy as they have in-depth bingo reviews that cover every aspect of a site to help you decide on which one you want to play on.

Online bingo has seen a massive amount of success since its move to mobile online bingo, and it will be interesting to see where online bingo goes next after this.