You can have a lot of fun gambling in a casino but for a lot of fans of casino games, making the jump to online play is a daunting prospect that feels fraught with danger and could lead to you being soundly out of pocket in a few weeks. While it’s possible you could make a bad choice of site, with this handy guide we hope to help you make the smartest choice so you can have fun online without stumbling into any potential pitfalls.

First things first: how do you know which site to choose? With thousands of online casinos out there, how do you know which one is the best for you? The easiest way is to go with a recognised brand that is well known and well-loved. Bookies often have an online component as well as companies that purely operate as online bookmakers. It’s always worth considering using a company you know as they’re well known for a reason. If you’re not sure though, a quick check of the reviews will give you a better idea if they’ll meet your requirements and whether or not you feel comfortable using their services.

Once you’ve found the site, it’s always worth making certain the site is legitimate for absolute safety online by checking two important things: the license and the terms and conditions. The license is an absolute must, any site operating online will have a license to guarantee their work is legal and you should be very suspicious of any site where you can’t find one. You’re most likely to find this located on the About Us page but if you can’t find it then try contacting the site to make sure that they have a license you can check. The terms and conditions is equally important because what’s contained within that could have a serious effect on your online play. Fine details like how long you have to play before you can extract a bonus, how long it takes for a site to pay out, all essential details that it’s well worth you knowing before you commit to using the site.

The last test to make sure you’ve got the right site, see if they offer a free bet or sign up bonus for you to experiment and see how the site works before you register in earnest. Most major sites will offer you something of this variety so you can give the system a go without having to invest too much of your own money to start with. Be careful though, you absolutely mustn’t open multiple accounts on the same site. Most sites have terms and conditions in place so that doing this can put your winnings at risk and can violate the terms of service. As tempting as it may be to keep getting the sign-up bonus, you should be very careful not to open multiple accounts.

This animation is a handy way to help you remember all the finer details of the online safety tips and hopefully will help you keep yourself safe online: