Rapid changes in technology have brought to the fore many options that we would never have imagined just a couple of decades ago. We thought online casino games were the best thing to happen, but casino lovers were in for some more surprises. In an era where online gambling on the home computer was the rage, the tiny mobile phone was making inroads into the collective consciousness of the gambling industry. Today, the mobile phone is no longer a device just to make and receive calls, but is much more – your trusty mobile phone can indeed do a lot of things, and mobile gambling is just one of them.

Gambling on the mobile phone

The Mobile Gambling Device

If you love casino games and are a proud owner of the latest smart phone model, how about using it to log on to your favorite online casino and play a round of blackjack as you wait for your ride to work? Free casino games are the norm in mobile gambling although a number of reputed online casinos, such as Golden Riviera online casino, do offer mobile gambling for real money as well so that you can enjoy your favorite casino games while on the move.

Mobile Gambling Apps

Mobile Gambling Apps

Mobile phone technology has changed rapidly and phone manufacturers and big online casino brands have developed a variety of gaming applications known as mobile apps to be used for mobile gaming. You’ll find gambling apps to run especially on the iPhone, or the Android.

Getting Started with Mobile Gambling

To start off with mobile casino games, all you need is a compatible phone device or tablet. By compatible, we mean a phone or tablet that can connect to the internet and is supported by the online casino’s mobile gaming software. Usually almost all of the latest mobile devices are compatible, but make sure by visiting the website’s mobile gambling page. This information along with a lot of other details will be available at the site.

Mobile gambling is a relatively new service and as such not all of the casinos will offer that option to their players. If your favorite online casino offers the service, then you simply need to download the app to your mobile phone and begin playing. Of course, playing real money mobile games will require loading your account with funds; this may be done through the casino’s site.

The next step is to decide the game you want to play. Currently, you can play casino games like slots, poker, roulette and blackjack. Some casinos also offer bingo and backgammon. Also, some of the games are designed especially for mobile phones, so you might have to make do with limited features as compared to the casino games you play on your computer screens.

The Future of Mobile Gambling

Gambling on the mobile phone has no doubt taken off in a big way, with more and more players opting for the service. These days almost all online casinos offer mobile gambling to their players. Today, the mobile phone is an extremely powerful device that has features like high quality color screens, fantastic sound quality, cutting edge graphics and touch screens that are ideal for mobile gambling. Mobile technology has come a long way over the recent years and there is no telling where it will go in the next decade. So, enjoy the games!