Ever since the first patented games of bingo were played back in the 1930s in the States, one thing has always remained the same. Bingo has always been a game that can be played for a low stake and offers potentially high rewards. Now that you can choose from hundreds of different sites to play bingo online, that principle remains – it’s a cheap game to play, but the prizes can reach staggering amounts.

So, whatever way you play bingo, it’s always good value. And with many of the online sites such as Kitty Bingo, 32red and Sky Bingo, there are lots of free games on the bingo schedules, and when you can play a game for free even though it has a cash prize attached to it, that represents even better value.

It’s not just in the price of the games that you get value with online bingo though. When you join a site as a new player, there’s always some free credit to pick up along the way. If you play bingo online at 32red, you can get an extra £32 added to your account for every £10 that you put in as an initial deposit. That’s more than tripling your money before you’ve even played a game! It’s always worth checking what welcome bonuses the different sites are offering – they change all the time and some are more generous than others.

Once you’ve benefited from the online bonus, the promotions don’t stop there. You can often get re-deposit bonuses – of around 50% – when you add fresh funds to your account. Although you shouldn’t necessarily add more money just to take advantage of those extra bonuses, you may as well time a new deposit to make the most of bonus money. Some sites will offer a re-deposit bonus on a certain day or the month, or on a player’s birthday, for example. Keep an eye on the promos page of your preferred site and see what you extra credit you can get.

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Get more value out of every game you play

When you play a bingo game, look at what kind of jackpot is on offer. Although you might be tempted to join in only the big jackpot games, this is where the majority of players will be headed to play, and the more players there are, the further that jackpot prize will have to be split. It may be better to play the lower jackpot games that aren’t always as popular. You don’t necessarily increase your chances of winning this way, but if you happened to win, there would likely be fewer people winning along with you that you’d have to share the big prize with.

Similarly, if you choose the games that take place at quieter times – early mornings and early afternoons, for example – you will find that fewer people take part then. Playing at peak times is sometimes much more sociable as there are more people to chat with in the bingo chat rooms, but you’ll risk having to share the jackpot should you happen to land it.

If you’re organised enough, you never have to miss out on a bingo game that particularly interests you on the schedule. Many sites give you the option of pre-buying tickets so that you can buy the tickets ahead of the game, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t log in for the game itself, your ticket will still play through. It’s entirely possible that your bingo profit could go up in your absence – as any wins will be credited to your account automatically.

It may be obvious but if you play 1p games, your pot of bingo playing money will last longer than if you play 10p or 20p games. Though the per ticket amount is always pretty tiny, if you want to spread out the entertainment time that you get out of a fixed sum of money, it’s always wiser to play the lower cost games.

Compared with other real money games, online bingo is always great value – if you can stretch that value just a little bit further each time you play, you shouldn’t have to top up your bingo account that often!