Casinos are getting more popular in the UK, particularly now there is a lot of choice online. You will find that the typical  UK online casino will offer traditional games and could offer something a bit different as well. Below are descriptions of some of the most popular casino games that you can play in the UK.


Roulette is a fun game which allows you to play different levels of risk. Basically a ball is spun ad there are a selection of numbers that it can land on. The numbers are either on a red or black background apart from the zero which is on a white background. You can bet on different things. It is possible to bet on an odd or even number coming up or a red or black number. These have a just below 50/50 chance. You can bet on a single number, which has a low chance of winning or a selection of numbers. The more risky your bet, the higher the reward you get. It can be really tense and exciting watching that ball roll to see what number it will land on and whether you get to win your bet!


This is a popular card game, which can take a lot of skill. Certain hands win over others and so you will need to try to put together the best possible hand. However, the skill is not just in collecting the right cards but also in betting carefully so that you try to force those with better hands than you to pull out because they think that you will beat them. It takes a lot of concentration and deduction skill. Many people enjoy poker though because you can play against other people rather than the casino and they feel this fairer and gives them a more even chance of winning. Other people do not like playing against players that have more skill than them as they think they will always lose.


Blackjack is another popular card game where you play against the dealer. You will be given two cards and the aim is to make twenty one. You choose whether to have extra cards to try to add up to twenty one, but if you go over you lose. If you draw with the dealer they win, so you need to balance your risk as you want to beat them but not go over. It is a game of some skill, but it is easier than poker. You just need to decide how much risk you want to play and think about what card you need and what you think may come up next.


Slots are a really popular casino game. They take very little skill, which means that anyone has a chance of winning. They can be a lot of fun but also more relaxing because you do not need to concentrate so much. The slots games vary in theme and costs different amounts of money with different jackpots and bonus games which means that there is always plenty to keep you entertained.


Although traditionally bingo halls were separated from casinos, these days many online casinos will also provide bingo. This is because it is a really popular and fun online game. It is similar to slots in that there is no skill, which means that everyone can feel that they have an equal chance of winning. This can make the games more tense but also more enjoyable. The games can vary a bit, with different themes or ways to win which keeps them interesting. They also vary in price and jackpot, so you can choose which is right for you.