Many people gamble, some for fun and some for money. Playing a gambling game such as online craps should all be about the fun with any winnings just being a bonus. If this is kept in mind then you will not feel bad if you do not win and you will feel fantastic if you do. This means that you want to find a game which is lots of fun.


Poker is a game of skill. It can take a long time to even learn the basics and then longer to understand all the tactics. Then there are many different versions of the game, which can make things a lot more interesting. You may also decide whether to play on line or off line and these can be quite different types of games. Much of the attraction of playing poker is the fact that it does take a lot of skill and many gambles are very risky but if you need skill to play the game then it does eliminate some of the risk.



Slots can be great fun. There is not a lot of skill needed to play slots and that can be what makes them fun. They are very relaxing and if you do not win then you cannot blame yourself because it will have nothing to do with anything that you have done. There are many different themes with slots and so you can choose a game which suits you and can make it a lot more fun as well.


This is very much a game of chance as well. What makes it so much fun is the fact that it is quite slow in that you have to wait a long time to find out were the ball will land. This builds up the excitement and that is a great thing. The chances of you winning something will depend on the way that you bet and so there is some skill in working out the odds and deciding on whether you want to take a greater risk and have the chance of winning more or have a lower risk but win less. This is a decision which has to be taken for most games though.


Playing lotto or the lottery is something that is very popular, It is something which is on offer in some casinos and available on line a lot. Many countries also have their own lotteries. The lottery is completely based on luck. You pick a set of numbers and if yours are drawn you win a prize. The more numbers you match, the bigger the prize. This is again a relaxing game to play because there is no skill involved and it is also very inclusive as you do not need to understand tactics or rules to win.

Sports Betting

Sports betting can be great fun. It can be really good to think about the game or race and decide who will win depending on their skill, recent form and the conditions. It feels very satisfying when you correctly identify the winner based on your assumptions. It is also not all down to skill because there will be odds for each participant and so you will know who the bookmakers expect to win and that will influence the way that you bet.