Video Poker has been growing in popularity for some time although in some places, such as Australia, the ‘Pokies’ have been the number one game since mains electric was introduced.

One of the glories of playing online casino games, like video poker, is the lack of intimidation. Play a hand of poker unconventionally or badly in a live game scenario and your opponents will be very quick to voice their disapproval.

video poker

As a player, such attention is unwelcome and can make you feel very uncomfortable. It doesn’t only happen at the poker table. Draw a card when holding 16 at a time when the dealer owns a 6 at a Blackjack table and all the seated players will jump on your case. Even more so when it transpires your decision was the difference between everyone winning or him busting.

Resultantly more and more people choose to play online casino games. Video poker at those online casinos is increasingly popular too as it features all the exciting aspects of poker with the ability to play any of the scores of variants which can give you far more fun and excitement.

There are no two ways about it, the fun and excitement is in the winning and to maximise those winnings you need a clear online casino strategy. The best online casino games offer very fair percentage returns and video poker at the online casino is no different.

While there is a percentage against you, or in the house’s favour, the most important tool in your armoury is the ability to dictate your stakes.

No one is suggesting you employ the best ‘get rich quick’ system that doesn’t work: The Martingale System which simply means keep doubling-up on even-money shots until you win.

online video poker

However all online casino strategies for online casino games involve the big variable which is until stake. A second important factor is bankroll, the amount you are willing to lose. Finally, in the world of online video poker, you have to accept no two wins are alike. After all the pay-out for two pairs is less than three-of-a-kind and a straight pays nothing like as much as a flush.

It takes us back to the old chestnut of ‘clear goals’ – quite simply how much you want to win or what you want to achieve from playing your chosen video slot. Once this is clear the strategy should be simple.

Therein I would start off my session playing very small stakes on games which offer big jackpots. I will have a lot of fun and entertainment here where the downside is small, the upside sizeable.

Should I fail to hit one of those big payouts before losing a small part of the bankroll allocated for my session, say fifteen percent, I would leave that game and find another video poker table which is slightly more conventional with less outrageous jackpots. I’d also play higher stakes. For this game I’d put another 35 percent of my ‘roll’ on the line.

At this point let me be very clear, I have a defined target of 2.5x. That means if I start with $10 I want to turn it into a minimum of $25. Or parlay my $50 into $125. The very moment this is achieved, to use a cricket term, I will pull stumps for the day. That may see my balance at exactly at 2.5 its starting point, or a lot more courtesy of a jackpot/progressive win. Nevertheless 2.5 and it’s time to leave.

Anyway, if I have failed to hit a jackpot for low stakes and also nose-dived attempting to hit my target using the 35 percent of the roll which has been in-play on the next step on my ladder, the remaining fifty percent of the money I am prepared to lose, goes to a third video poker table which allows higher stakes yet.

This third and final step has to be taken seriously, and therein I like to play games which are as close to poker traditional as possible with no rollover jackpots and traditional payouts.

Ultimately you may not reach your target but you will have given yourself ample opportunity to do so at three different tables giving yourself plenty of excitement along the way.

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