Listen: we know that when it comes to challenging gaming, you probably don’t think too terribly often about bingo. Bingo is one of those games that people only think old people play. Not to be politically incorrect or anything. I’m sure that you have a very nice grandma, but you probably don’t want to play anything that she’s playing.

Bingo is more than a Mecca for old ladies and gents; it’s actually a challenging game that every gambler should think about. Here’s what makes bingo so interesting:

First and foremost, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have a good time. We watch the big televised poker events like anyone else, but those decisions can make your head hurt. Do you fold, or go all in? Are you going to go for a logical decision, or are you going to play with your gut? Either choice could give you the bracelet, or it could leave you going home in defeat. Scary stuff.

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Why not play bingo instead? If you don’t happen to win a bingo round, you can always try again without too much problem. The challenge comes from all of the different patterns that you have to choose from. Each room is going to play for a different pattern. If you’re a fun of classic blackout bingo, you can play that. But if you want to play a pattern of flowers, or even a big heart, you can do that. When you think about it, this style takes a lot more effort.

Are you going to step up to the challenge? Not only do you get cool rooms to play in, but you will also meet tons of great people. We still have friends from bingo rooms that we’re close to. When one of your friends wins, it’s awesome. It takes the sting out of not winning yourself. When you build a good social list of people, you feel like you can take over the bingo world. Some people say they even start winning more when they add in more friends. Now, nothing is guaranteed in the world of bingo but it never hurts to start looking into anything and everything, right?

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