The gambling industry is massive, both in terms of its sizer and regarding the long history it has enjoyed. People have been gambling for as long as anyone can remember which should be a good indicator of how much fun the activity can bring to people. Winning money is never going to be an unpopular idea for as long as money holds value, so the world can expect the gambling industry to not only continue to exist but to carry on growing year after year.

Those who have been involved in the industry for a long time will know that the industry has seen many changes over the last century. Originally, many gambling activities were fully manual meaning that croupiers had to host games for players in real-life. The last century saw the industry undergo the process of mechanisation, and casinos began to become populated with gambling machines that people could access on their own, without the need of a dealer. This was a precursor to online casinos and the advent of the internet can be argued to have had the most transformative effect on the industry. Today, players can play on these options freely, all from the comfort of their homes.

There is no doubt that online casinos have proved extremely popular with players thanks to the convenience they provide. They are simply unmatched in their ease of use, which is why many have given up travelling to the casino and started to play primarily at home instead. Of course, this presents a problem to land-based casinos who rely on foot traffic for their revenues. The popularity of online casinos is only growing, and it might be interesting to see what the presence of online casinos means for the future of the industry.

While physical casinos are at risk of being ignored for the more convenient online options, some casinos are ahead of the curve. A good example of this is Caesars, who many will know for the famed Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This business is aware the digital platform is the future, which is why they created an online version of Caesars Palace to accommodate all kinds of people. As online gambling grows, we will likely see this hybrid model more.

In addition to this, the deployment of technology holds promising things for the future of the industry. Online casinos were revolutionary, but the next step up was the creation of live casinos, which essentially give players the best of both worlds concerning the convenience of online casinos and the exciting experience of physical casinos. VR is one exciting technology that is still in its infancy, but VR could have a real impact on gambling as well as many other industries.

Looking at industry trends, it is easy to predict how online casinos might look in the future. For example, more people than ever are using smartphones to gamble. 5G is now in place in many places across the world and this offers an unparalleled gambling experience, so most online casinos will likely be highly optimised for smartphones in the future.

As already aforementioned, the gambling industry is unlikely to ever slow down and some of the ideas explored here may very be what online casinos will eventually look like in the future.