We’re pretty fond of slots for one big reason: the new generation of slot games online really helps you win big money. Sure, it balances out across the board, as some people will win big while others will fall short. That’s just part of the process, and you might as well make the most of it. We have a big list of great slots for you below. Check them out when you get a chance, you won’t regret it.

1. Zeus

Zeus slots

This is a 30 payline slot that gives you plenty of chances to win big, so don’t let the “low” payline count fool you! The betting action has a nice range, giving you up to $150 per spin. Zeus, the title character of this themed slot, is the wild card. You also have a Pegasus wild that can be combined with Zeus for a big payout!

There’s a bonus round that can give you 25 spins, plus scatters that can unlock a whopping hundred free spins. Can you imagine what that can do for your wins?

2. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee slots

This slot has been around for a while, but it can really put a ton of cash in your pocket. Sixty paylines gives you so many chances to win that we would be shocked if you didn’t get anything out of playing a real money game on this slot. The regular play has a gorgeous layout, making it very easy to pass the time with this game. Don’t forget about those bonus rounds, though!

Two bonus rounds gives you new avenues of money making opportunity through five free spins, with treasure chests that you can unlock. The treasure chests lead to more free spins that you can activate, over and over again. Definitely worth checking out, for sure!

3. Amazon Queen

Amazon Queen slots

This one only has twenty paylines, but it makes up for the low payline count with plenty of features. Multiple bonus rounds can mean up to a hundred free spins, or even more than that. You can loop through multiple bonus games, and play this slot without a deposit. But if you really want to get the most out of the game time, you have to play it for real money.

An autoplay function really speeds up the amount of cash you can generate with this slot, because you don’t have to wait for everything to load. Just tell it how many times you want to spin, and the game will essentially take it from there.

Our favorite part? The gorilla symbol. We won’t spoil it for you, but here’s a hint: BIG payouts. Huge prizes. Go for it!

4. Bier Haus

Bier Haus slots

This is a fun game, especially if you’re familiar with German drinking culture. A bier haus in Germany is where great beers are served. The atmosphere is friendly, and the regulars want you to do one thing: drink! You better come prepared!

If you’re trying to cut back, or you just want to stay home, there’s always this slot game. You have forty paylines, plus a bunch of scatters and wilds. You can even spin for as low as forty cents, making this a very economical way of stretching your bankroll.

Big prizes still await you through the chance of getting eighty free spins, plus hidden features that you just have to play in order to unlock!

5. Kronus

Kronus slots

This is the sequel to Zeus, so if you play Zeus first, you gotta check out this one next. It has twenty paylines, with tons of free spins. You can unlock up to a hundred free spins, but that’s far down the road. There’s ten free spins waiting for you, as well as 25 free spins. Go with those first and then see if you can unlock the big one.

The graphics are a real treat, with special attention paid to the wild symbols. Don’t miss this one, the pay table is fantastic!

6. Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz slots

We couldn’t end this article without highlighting a real classic, and that’s what the Wizard of Oz slot really is. Everyone knows the theme and remembers the book series as well as the movies.

You get thirty paylines to play with, and great graphics. If you look at some of the slot games out there, then you know how it can be hit or miss in the graphics department. Not here! The characters from the story are well represented, with symbols for the main characters.

There are gobs of free spins, and you could even have an entire board filled with wild symbols. Can you imagine how much that could pay out for you? We can!

You don’t get as many free spins in one go compared to other games, but you do get something even better: chances at triggering those free spins over and over again.

Check out these great games when you get a chance, but don’t worry: we have plenty more to show you!