When it comes to slots, both online and land-based versions, there are many myths and misinformation surrounding how they work and how you can increase your chances of winning. Some of them are based on pure superstition and others are created by disgruntled players. Given below are a few common online slots myths and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Slots are designed to never pay out.

It is understandable how this myth has arisen. Displeased customers are always more vocal than those, who are satisfied. That is why you may find many stories about how an online casino took all of someone’s money and paid none back. Unfortunately, this may happen to some players. However, this only shows someone’s lack of luck. In order to exist, online casinos must make money. This means that they cannot pay out more money than they take in. As slot games are randomised, some people will lose while others will win money.

Myth #2: I can win if the game is in a ‘pay cycle’

The myth of ‘pay cycles’ and ‘take cycles’ has been around since the time slots were first introduced. The truth is that slot games do not run on ‘pay cycles.’ Gaming commissions would not even allow it. This is the reason why all online slots run on Random Number Generator. This is why gamblers cannot identify patterns in the game’s payout and neither can they predict the outcome of the game. Random Number Generators work on complex algorithms. The numbers from 1 to 1000 (or some other number, depending on the system) are each assigned to a particular symbol. A random number generator picks a combination of numbers, some ‘whirring’ graphics are added, and your spin is generated. The number of pay lines you have enabled analyses the combinations generated to see if they match against the predetermined ‘winning’ combinations. That is how winners and loser are being determined.

Myth and facts

Myth #3: I have a special strategy that will help me win.

Many people believe that they can use a certain strategy in order to win. These strategies vary from starting out with small amounts of money in order to “warm-up” the system to pressing the stop button at exactly the “right time.” However, all this is not going to help you win. The outcome of the games of chance, and particularly slots, is absolutely random and unpredictable. There is no way to influence it, regardless of what you do. Pressing the stop button for example may speed up the game process, but there is no way possible to influence the outcome.

Myth #4: Slots will pay out in little jackpots at regular intervals in order to encourage the players to keep playing and eventually bet higher.

This is also a myth since online slots don’t have the ability to choose the time when the machine will pay out. Since slots are governed by the Random Number Generator, jackpots will emerge randomly and never in a pattern.