Ok, most of you may think that we’re just stating the obvious on this article, but we’re going to discuss how to play Online Roulette and even how to play in a land based casino. If you’ve never played before then this may be of interest to you. First we’ll start with online play and then go through playing on a land based casino.

To start with, you obviously need to find a casino to play on and we recommend few of the casinos on the home page.

Different online casinos use different software for their games and different casinos have different standards with regards to customer service and paying winning players.

We only recommend the casinos that use the best software, Playtech and Microgaming and we only recommend casinos that pay out within 24-48 hours with no questions asked. Most casinos make players wait 5+ days which is crazy.

Once you’ve signed up to your chosen casino you will need to tell them that you don’t want a bonus of any kind. This is very important if you want to get the most from your online roulette experience.

At this point you be think that we’re mad telling you to avoid bonuses but it is for a very good reason. In short, bonuses come with terms and conditions and they aren’t very friendly towards roulette and they really are more hassle than they’re worth.

Once this is done, you then need to make a deposit using any one of the many methods available for you on most online casinos. The next step is choosing a roulette game to play. There are several different ones so pick one that you feel comfortable with.

When you play american roulette online then the mathematical tricks increase your odds during the game. If you go to a land based casino or play online, you should check to see if they have an American wheel.

Then it’s a simple case of playing the game and placing your bets.

If you’re lucky enough to win it’s then time to make a withdrawal. You will have to use the same method that you used to deposit money for security reasons, so if you deposited using PayPal, you withdraw back to PayPal.

So this summarises how you play online roulette.

Play Roulette

Land Based Casinos

Seen as how we’re on the subject of how to play roulette we had better give a mention on how to play in a land based casino as well. All you need to do is find a roulette table with a spare seat and then sit down (make sure you have cash in your pocket).

Once you’ve got your seat you give your cash to the croupier and he will exchange it for chips, You will be given a unique chip colour so that the dealer knows who to pay on each spin. For example, your chips may be yellow, the person next to you blue, then next person black and so on.

If everyone had the same chip colour there would just be confusion has to who’s winning what. Then once you’re done you simple get up and leave. Some say that you should tip the croupier with a few chips before you leave. This really depends whether or not you won any money and whether or not you’re the kind of person that tips the waiter at a restaurant 🙂

Normally there will be a separate part of the casino for you to cash in your chips for cash or you can maybe even request to be paid by cheque (check).