Listen up: everyone needs time away from their work, even if they’re doing work that they love. We love writing to you about all of the great trends in the online gambling world, but we start thinking about a good beach holiday just like the next person. Even if you can’t travel, you can still do things to relax. We love playing slot games when we have down time, and we found some great games that you might want to try out.

Now, the list below is pretty short, but you only need a few different games to get you in the spirit. We have been heading over to Millionaire Casino to play these games and many others, and we figured you might like to check it out as well. Just look at the slot descriptions below and then make your move!

1. Gods of Giza

We don’t know what it is about Egyptian themes that gets our attention, but we really love them. Now, every Egyptian-themed slot is going to be different, but you might be tired of them. This one stood out for us because of the graphics as well as the fast moving reels.  It features a unique bonus round that makes the spins actually rotate in real time. This means that if you don’t get a winning combo the first time, the board will tilt and give you a new opportunity. The square reel format is very interesting with four reels and four rows, a true square. There are 20 paylines, which might not be as many as you’re looking for …but it’s worth checking out, we promise!

2. Spinata Grande

Did you ever have a piñata on your birthday? Even if you didn’t, you have to admit they look quite entertaining. But anyway, let’s get on with this slot explanation! 😉 So Spinata Grande is all about smashing the avocado out of those pesky piñatas! The nice part about this game is that you can play it on your favorite devices as well, including the iPad. Another cool feature you’ll find out about is the mini slot game that you can play. it’s basically a smaller version of the game, found within the game. Make sure that you look out for the Random Wild, which can actually shift other symbols into Wilds, dramatically increasing your winnings. We also found that you can trigger free spins over and over again. Remember that free spins let you win coins without having to put any of your bankroll in. So anytime that we see free spins, we know we could rack up some serious cash on a slot game.

You’ll find that each game brings something a little different to the table. Even if you are interested in traditional play, you’ll find plenty of great online slot games that meet your needs perfectly. We hope to hear that you’ve checked out Millionaire Casino and played some of these games over there as well. You never know, we might compare jackpots someday 😉