If you’re looking for online casino games that boast plenty of extra features – such as multipliers, wilds, scatters and interactive bonus rounds – and can be played in the comfort of your own home, then online slots could be just what you’ve been waiting for.
Forget the old-style clunky machines with their intrusive flashing lights and ridiculous noises, online games are sleek, atmospheric and a delight to play. With state-of-the-art 3D intro movies, movie-quality animations and a variety of themes to choose from, you will find yourself spoilt for choice when you sign up and play at your favorite online casino today. You will also be able to find a huge range of progressive jackpot games and great bonuses for both new and existing players.

History of Slots

From their inception in the 19th century, slots have increased in popularity across the globe, and are now one of the number one games in the world. Though the earlier games were simpler in design and easily manipulated, they nevertheless paved the way for the fun, reliable and exciting games you can play today.

The precursor to the slot machine was invented in New York, by Sittman and Pitt, the designers of an innovative drum that could be used for gambling. This drum consisted of a lever and 50 card faces and it cost one nickel to play. Unlike today’s slots, the outcome of the spin was based on standard poker hands, and winners were rewarded with prizes of drinks, merchandise and food.

When car mechanic Charles Fey (from San Francisco) made improvements later that century, cash prizes suddenly came into existence and the game’s popularity soared. Fey’s game consisted of three spinning reels and five symbols: diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes and the jackpot symbol – the Liberty Bell – which gave the game its name. The payout for a win was 50 cents and this helped the game’s popularity to spread, reaching right across America, until it became a casino staple.

As time passed, multiple designs came into existence and the original Liberty Bell icons were replaced with fruit designs. By the time the 1960’s arrived, electromagnetic engineering meant the side lever could be removed altogether, replaced by buttons. The next stage was for slots to move online, and with the increased accessibility and improved prizes (progressive jackpots now offered some of the richest prizes available online) slots quickly became the most popular type of gambling game in the world.


You enjoy much better odds of hitting a winning combination on slots today than you did when they were initially created. The old machines were easy to manipulate, but thanks to modern technology and the impenetrable reliability of the Random Number Generator, you now receive the fairest possible game every time you play – which means the fairest possible odds.

Historically, the three reels on slots provided a severely limited number of ways to win, which also means much lower odds of hitting a winning combination. These days, online slots have multiple lines to activate, special features such as wilds and scatters to help you gain more rewards, as well as the opportunity to play for randomly triggered progressive jackpots.

Advances in technology in the online casino industry also meant that casino games are now regulated and subject to a certain level of payout. The Random Number Generator can never be predicted or manipulated, so each and every reel spin is completely time dependent and completely fair – so every time you play you have an equal chance of landing a winning combination. All of this adds up to the best possible odds of winning when you play slots games online.

Game Rules

Whichever type of slots game you like to play, they all share the same basic rules and format, so it’s easy to try a variety of options without getting caught up in overly complicated rules. Each game differs in terms of design and the special features they offer, but their reels and payout tables usually follow the same pattern.

Classic online slots games have spinning reels that contain various icons, and the aim is to match the icons to those on the paytable to bag yourself a payday. The reels activate when you have placed your bets and hit ‘Spin’, and you can play for multiple paylines if you wish. If you match a formation on your activated reels to any winning combination on the paytable, you will be awarded the corresponding payout.

Video slots work in exactly the same way, but instead of spinning reels, they usually have animated graphical representations such as cascading reels, and the formation of the winning lines are often in more unusual patterns. Instead of the straight horizontal and vertical lines on a classic slot, video slots paylines can be in criss-cross, zigzag and V patterns. But the aim of the game is still the same and the way you play still works in the same way – set your coin level, activate your lines and hit ‘Spin’. When the icons settle, you are paid out if you hit a winning combination.

To set your coin level, use the + and – buttons. Continue by specifying the number of paylines you wish to activate (each payline costs one coin per spin) and then hit the ‘Spin’ button to watch the game and wait for the result. The software automatically highlights any winning combinations on the reels and any payouts are instantly added to your bankroll. When you play online, you also benefit from extras such as wilds, scatters, bonus games, multipliers and free spins, each designed to bring more fun and more rewards to your overall online gaming experience.

Popular Games

Gladiator: If you would like to play up to 25 paylines, with wilds, multipliers and expanding scatters, then Gladiator slots is a good choice of game. The Coliseum bonus round is extra fun and rewarding.

Incredible Hulk: For incredible animations and graphics, and an exciting comic book feel while playing for lots of rewards, Incredible Hulk is a perfect choice for the discerning slots player. Enjoy up to 25 paylines and three bonus rounds, as well as a multi-level progressive jackpot.

Iron Man 2: An exciting and action-packed game, this comic-themed Iron Man 2 game provides an atmospheric online casino experience, with a state-of-the-art interactive bonus game and four different Marvel jackpots to play for.

Fantastic Four: Join the battle against Doctor Doom when you play Fantastic Four and play for multipliers, free spins, wilds, scatters, and exciting bonus games, as well as a choice of four jackpots.

Silent Samurai: As you enjoy the sleek Japanese ninja theme of Silent Samurai, you’ll also benefit from special features such as wilds, scatter, bonus rounds and a massive progressive jackpot.

Cherry Love: A great choice for rock music lovers, Cherry Love slots offers you an atmospheric experience while giving you plenty of ways to win – from scatters to wilds, jackpot payouts of up to $200K, and free spins, this game has it all!

Irish Luck: Taking its inspiration from the emerald isle, Irish Luck offers you a main jackpot of 10,000 coins, as well as a side jackpot to play for. There are also scatters, wilds and bonus rounds – and, as you would expect, the music is also great, adding some extra charm!