Successful online slots players are not just lucky, they are calculated. They have strategies in place, and rarely will you see a professional stray from those strategies. However, the amateur slot player is typically just looking to have a good time and play some fun games. If they spend $50 and lose it, it’s the equivalent of eating out at a decent restaurant. It’s your job to figure out what type of gambler you are going to be, even if it means somewhere in between. This will be crucial before you start playing.

It’s always recommended that you feel out each game you are interested in playing. This should be done through the “practice mode.” This approach allows a gambler to understand how the game works (how many lines, bonuses, denominations, etc.), so they are not just throwing money away upfront. After all, most people don’t like losing money if they don’t know how they are losing it.

Below you will find a few secrets to some of the most enjoyable slot games a casino site can offer:

1. Caesar’s Empire

Caesar Empire slot

Based on Ancient Rome, Caesar’s Empire is more than just its natural appeal on the surface. This virtual slot game offers more chances to hit the in-game bonus. All you have to do is receive one Caesar coin on reels 1-4, and the Coliseum on reel 5. Sure, it can be difficult to get the coliseum, but you definitely get more chances to hit the bonus with this game.

Once the bonus is achieved, the gambler receives 10 free spins. During the game, if a Caesar coin appears, there will be an additional 1 to 5 spins added to the bonus. This is a huge benefit, and one of the reasons so many online slot players play this game. Personally, the highest I’ve ever seen it go is 72 spins on the bonus.

However, if you don’t you see a lot of Caesar coins coming up in your first 50 spins; it’s probably best to switch games.

2. Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden slot

Another popular game on casino websites, Enchanted Garden has a little different bonus than Caesar’s Empire. In order to receive free spins, the enchanted fairy must land on reel 1 and 5. This game is probably one of the hottest and coldest games available to play. Sometimes you can wait 200 or 300 spins to hit a bonus, and it only last 7 spins.

Then again, there are other times it will just continue to give you free spins. It’s not a personal favorite, but if the bonus is hit, it can definitely pay out.

3. Cleopatra’s Gold

Cleopatras Gold slot

The objective in this game is to get 3 pyramids anywhere on the board. This will trigger the bonus, which immediately provides you with 15 free spins. If you happen to hit 3 pyramids during the bonus, it will re-trigger and provide an additional 15 spins.  We’ve been able to re-trigger 4 times in one bonus. However, it took about 250 spins to reach the bonus.

The tip to this game is seeing how often the pyramids come up in the first 25 spins. They provide a scatter pay equal to your bet, so if only two show up, it’s even money. If they’re not coming up at all (or only one at a time), then it’s best to move on to another game and maybe try again later.

At the end of the day, any online slot machine can get hot or stay cold for an extensive period of time. It’s up to the gambler to figure this out somewhere between the first 25 to 50 spins. It’s a strategy that has been proven to work. Don’t be afraid to decrease your denomination either. Sometimes all it takes is a smaller bet per line for the slot to get hot.