Boredom at home is something that we can all relate to. If you’re ready to break out of the rut and really have some fun, you have to check out stuff that’s going to make you feel better. Why not look at video poker?

A lot of people assume that video poker is only something that you would get at a land based casino, but that’s not true at all. There’s more than just one type of video poker out there, and playing good strategy can yield some big bonuses. It’s up to you to see what type of game that you’re really interested in playing.

Here’s a few choices to look at.

All Aces Video Poker


This is a great video poker variant for beginners. There’s a lot of action here, with some choices that you have to make. If you get 4 Aces, you’re looking at a huge payout. The only thing that’s going to pay out more is a Royal Flush!

Like most video poker versions, it’s easy to play. You get five cards, and then you choose which ones you would like to hold on to. The discarded cards go out, and the new cards step in. That’s when you look at what you win based on the different combinations made. If you manage to get two aces on the first turn and then the other two aces on the second, that’s where you can win big!

Joker Video Poker

Joker Video Poker

Joker Poker is one of our favorites. The joker really comes in handy and can make the difference between a pair and a three of a kind, or move you up to a four of a kind from a three of a kind. Since Jokers are wild, anything is possible.

Oh, don’t forget that you can get an extra joker instead of just one. You’re playing against the machine rather than other players, which takes a lot of the confusion and frustration out of the process. You won’t have other players blocking you from those high payouts.

There’s a 5,000 coin jackpot at stake as well, which means winning could set you up very nicely for a while. Only one way to find out, you know!

Aces and Faces Video Poker

Aces and Faces Video Poker

Do you want to play a video poker game where you can double your winnings? If so, then you’ve come to the right game. Aces and Faces is played with one standard deck of cards, but absolutely no wilds.

Even though it’s low on frills, it’s big on fun. You can win with just a pair of jacks, giving you plenty of time to build up your winnings. The double your winnings feature is worth checking out.

These are just a few of our favorites, but feel free to let us know about others that you come across. As always, if you’re going to be a new player at a casino, you might as well get a bonus for it. It’s a great token of appreciation for putting your heard earned cash on the line at a casino. Most casinos realize that without the players constantly coming back, they would be out of business in short order. That’s why they do so many promotions. Not only do they want you to come in, but they want you to become a loyal player. Looking up casino bonus codes for video poker rooms would be a wise move. Not a high roller? It’s not a big deal. There’s room at the casino for everyone, not just the high roller people.

Either way, good luck and enjoy yourself! That’s the real point of the casino, you know! 🙂