Online gambling is usually reserved for people living in the EU, but not anymore. The US is starting to realize that the passion for gambling from the comfort of your own home is indeed on the rise, and they’re making sure that they can start meeting that demand stateside. Since the United States runs a little differently than Europe, it is obvious that the online gambling scene is a bit different as well. it’s all up to the states to decide where online gambling will be allowed and what games are going to be available.

But enough of that serious stuff! Let’s talk about a great gaming option for New Jersey residents. It’s a great New Jersey online casino called Sugar House, and trust us — once you look at all of the games waiting for you, you’ll find it pretty sweet indeed.

Slot Paradise!

Slingo Riches

There are plenty of great slots available at Sugar House, with plenty of big jackpots available. For example, if you are a huge fan of social media games, you’ll love coming to Sugar House for Slingo Riches. This is a game that was designed exclusively for play at Sugar House, and it merges slots together with bingo. There are some top notch prizes waiting, and you can play when it’s convenient.

The ability to play when you want and how you want is only the beginning. If you’re looking for more slot action that has a great theme, you’ll really like Empire Bingo. It’s designed to look and feel just like a bingo game, but you have the convenience of slot play. With slots, you get to know right away if you’ve won something. In the case of Empire Bingo, you get four bingo cards to start with. Every card has fifteen numbers and you can decide what you want to wager.

Safety is King at Sugar House

If you’ve never played online, you might wonder if it’s still going to be safe. Just as EU casinos are regulated, online casinos in New Jersey are regulated as well. You’ll find that there is still a huge degree of security involved, since you have multiple options to deposit funds into the site. All of the games are tested for fairness and there’s a support team available to handle any player concerns.

Overall, we think that players will love the lineup at Sugar House. If you’re already in New Jersey and don’t want to bother with a land based casino, you might as well check it out for yourself. As the saying goes, you can’t win if you don’t play and it’s high time that you started winning!