Online casino industry has been in business for many years now. The experience it has gathered in these years has helped to develop games that keeps players going back for more. Players are especially satisfied with its extensive offering of online slot machines for real money.

The casinos are powered by proprietary software. They offer some of the biggest progressive jackpots. One of the best aspects about online casino is that its games are made accessible on all platforms. So, you can play the casino’s slots games on your mobile phone, systems powered by iOS, PS4s and PCs.

General Game-Play in Online Slots for Real Money

Prior to spinning the reels on all online slots real money games, you will have to place your bet. Choose the amount you want to wager. For this you will have to select the bet amount for one payline. You will then have to indicate the number of paylines you want to play. Beneath all online slot machines real money games are bet tables.

They can be used to make wagers. You can also place bets by selecting the “line down” or “line up” option, or “bet down” or “bet up” option. The online slot machines for real money games at the site have payoff charts. After you place your wager, you can either select the Bet Max option which will place the maximum bet possible in a game and spin the reels automatically, or you can opt for the ‘Spin’ button, with which you can set the reels in motion. The game-play for all slots games are the same. Only their special features like bonus rounds vary. Here are some of the top-notch slots games that can be played on most online casinos:

Fruit Mania

In Fruit Mania, there are five bonus features. Each time three level-up symbols, which are scatter symbols, are hit, a bonus meter on the online slot machines real money game will light up. A minimum of one field will get activated on it. On landing three scatter symbols, which make up a bonus symbol, a bonus feature will get activated. The game has 14 fields, and if all get highlighted, Fruit Mania, the highest level bonus feature gets activated. When a bonus feature is being played, you get the chance to play all the spins accompanying it for free.

Witches Brew slot

Witches Brew

On each spin, you can wager any amount between $0.50 and $4.00. The middle line on the real money slots machine is the payline. If you get the same symbol on three reels, the amount you win will be determined by the payout chart and the amount of money you wagered on that spin. In case you get three wild symbols which are different from each other, your earnings will be based on the symbol on the left.

There are specific steps that lead to the formation of the wild symbol in Witches Brew. At the bottom of the slot machine seven cauldrons are placed. Each cauldron is for a type of fruit. Every time you spin the reels and don’t land a win, the fruits on the reels will fall into the cauldrons. The weight of each cauldron is shown below it.

Once a cauldron is filled, it will boil and form a wild symbol of the fruit it contains. The number of fruits required to fill a drum depends on their size. For instance, to fill a cauldron, you will need more cherries than pumpkins. When the cauldron becomes empty, it stops boiling and the wild symbol becomes regular. You will have to get three wild pumpkins to hit the jackpot in the online slots game.

Tikal Treasure

Tikal Treasure makes it easy for players to win the progressive jackpot accompanying it. To qualify for this, you will have to wager $20 on each spin. You will have to then land five symbols marked “Quetzalcoatl” on one payline. Beneath the online slot machines real money game, a Mayan ball has been placed. You will get this if you get a ball symbol on the reels. The symbol can appear anywhere on them. Gather five balls and you will get to enter the special bonus game which features a puzzle.

In the bonus online slots game, you will have to get at least three symbols. They should form a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line. To make a winning line, you will have to select a symbol. This will get removed from your game screen. Once the symbol has been destroyed, those above it will move in to take its place. You will get five chances to make one line with at least three symbols placed adjacent to each other.

Jewels of the Ancients

Jewels of the Ancients

On spinning the reels on Jewels of the Ancients, you stand the chance to get three symbols of the moon. If they appear anywhere on the game’s reels, you will get to play in a special puzzle game. This is a bonus round in which the standard symbols in the game give way to a 15 field grid. You get six attempts in which you should be able to get as many symbols as you can. If you get a minimum of three different symbols, you will qualify for a payout in the online slots game. You can land the progressive jackpot in Jewels of Atlantis if you get five symbols of a diamond. You will have to bet a minimum of $20 (total) on each spin.

Pearls of Atlantis

When you play Pearls of Atlantis, there is a possibility that you will get three symbols of treasure chests. If they feature anywhere on the game screen, you will have to click on one. Its contents will be shown. Based on what you find in the chest, your online slots game will proceed. For instance, if you get a part of the wheel of fortune, you will get help when you play in the bonus round. On the other hand, if you get gold, the treasures in your chest fund will increase.

In the online slots for real money game, you will get to collect five parts of the wheel of fortune. The bonus game in Pearls of Atlantis is triggered when you get all the pieces, which are accompanied by unique multipliers. These are crucial when you enter the bonus game’s multiplier phase.

Golden 8 Slot Machine

One of the most interesting online slot machines is Golden 8 Slot Machine. The game has eight paylines on which you can place wagers. You can play for two bonuses. One is a bonus pool (a type of progressive jackpot), which increases with the amount you wager. You can win the amount in the pool, if you get three symbols of a bar. To qualify, you should bet the maximum possible in a spin – 3 coins.

The online slot casino provides six diamond symbols in your account when you start a new Golden 8 Slot Machine game. Every time you get three diamond symbols on the game screen, one of the diamonds in your account will get highlighted. You will be eligible for a free spin when all the diamonds are highlighted.

Lucky Ducts

In Lucky Ducts, a fun-filled online slot machines real money game, the left of the screen will have a funnel. This is called a bonus reservoir. Each time you get three symbols of the faucet, the water level in the reservoir will rise. The levels correspond to multipliers. There are two ways the reservoir works. One is by bringing you bonus wins, and the other is by giving you free spins.

The first gets activated when you get at least three symbols of a plug. The amount you win from this calculated by the multiplier in the reservoir. Once this happens, the reservoir gets emptied. The reservoir can get you free spins when it is filled to the maximum and you land three symbols of faucets. You will get six spins for free and the reservoir will get reset.

Jacks or Better Video Slots

Jacks or Better is a video slots game at the online slot casino. Players can select the amount they want to bet. The deal/draw option will have to be selected. On doing this, cards will be dealt. The cards that a player wants to discard will have to be chosen. Following this, new cards will be dealt. To win in this online slots real money game, players will have to get a pair of jacks at least. The hand rankings in this game are the same as that in a traditional game of poker. The five best cards, valued at a pair of jacks or higher, will make a winning hand.

Wild Heart Video Poker Slots

Three 54 card deck is used in Wild Heart Video Poker. Each deck is for a payline. 52 cards in each deck are those in a standard deck. The 53rd and 54th can be a wild or joker card. A wild card can stand in for a missing card that can complete a hand online slots real money game. Once players are dealt the cards, they will have to decide which to retain and which to discard.