Where to play your online bingo is a very hard decision to make, especially now when we are presented with such a huge variety of online bingo sites. Ultimately your decision will be based on what you want from the site. Each site will differ largely from their bingo bonuses and promotions to tailored aspects designed for specific target audiences.

Here’s what to look out for when choosing where to play:

The target audience – with such a large amount of online bingo sites available you will want to find one suited to you. Many sites are very non-specific and cater for massive audiences from all different backgrounds all aiming to get something different from the experience. With the addition of features like chat rooms these can be ideal for some users as they can meet people and generally have fun. They will have the largest customer bases and often the largest payouts. Other sites have specific target audiences which are based on either the country they want their customers to come from or the gender of their players, for example females. Sites with specific target audiences like this could well suit you as they would enable you to meet or play bingo with like-minded people to yourselves.

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The features – The bigger the site the more extra features it will have. Some sites feature a limited games archive and very little extras while others have a very extensive catalogue of games suited to every player. Games range from simply 75 and 90 ball bingo to many themed variations like Monopoly game etc. As well as different games many sites offer different tournaments with different payouts and entry fees, from free to play tournaments to promotional tournaments that require minimum wagers. Aside from games and tournaments, another main feature of many online bingo sites are the chat forums. Users can talk amongst themselves and with the CMs (Chat moderators) whilst playing their favourite games.

Bonuses – All sites offer promotional bingo bonuses from little to large. If you are playing bingo for the chance to win big cash and prizes these are the important factor. Sites offer huge bonuses giving away anything from free bingo games, like free bingo no deposit at landmark bingo, to amazing trips away. Alongside bonuses are the payouts. Some sites have higher rates of payouts and larger sums paid out. This will all be dependent on the money you wager or spend.