One of the most important factors determining the extremely high popularity of online slots is the existence of progressive jackpots. When referring to slots, generally, a progressive jackpot is the highest payoff for a gaming machine, as the jackpot amount increases a little bit with every single game played on that machine. In addition, slot jackpots in a lot of cases are accumulated not only from a single slot machine, but from multiple slots linked together in a network, which makes them particularly attractive.

It is logical that these jackpots are among the best attractions that online casinos offer to their customers. If enough slots are linked in order to accumulate a lot of money, a progressive jackpot can literally be life-changing, provided of course, that you are lucky enough to win it. Naturally, land-based casinos also have progressive jackpots. Those jackpots, however, combine the input of a rather limited number of players on a relatively small number of slot machines. Online, however, things look quite differently since progressive slot jackpots might be generated by an unlimited number of slots and players all around the world.

If progressive slots jackpots are the main reason why you have decided to explore your odds with slot machines, there are some specifics that you need to take into account. As already discussed, the appeal of these jackpots is in the network, which makes the accumulation of a higher payout amount possible. This, however, also means that there are more players competing for this particular jackpot and each one of them has a chance of winning it as much as you do. Therefore, another option is playing slots where the individual slot has its own progressive jackpot. This way, your odds would be better as you will be the only person with the chance of winning it, as long as you continue playing, that is; however, in this case it is not likely that the amount will be spectacularly high, let alone life-changing.

Progressive Jackpots

Another thing to take into account is how many slots are linked in the same network in order to accumulate a given progressive jackpot. Are these slots from one online casino or do they span through a whole network of online casinos? This information is usually available online and gives you an idea about the jackpot amount as well as how many players have their eyes on it.

Also, another important thing to know about these jackpots is that, as a rule, jackpot slots usually have the lowest payout ratio. This is quite logical, since a part of the payout that you would normally receive if you won, is diverted in order to accumulate the jackpot. Therefore, you should decide for yourself whether it is only the progressive slots jackpots that interest you, or if you prefer better odds for smaller, more regular paybacks that can keep you in the game for a longer period of time. In any case, you could at least every once in a while spice up your game with the possibility of winning one of the life-changing progressive jackpots. With a little bit of luck – this can be a Christmas you will never forget!!