Slots are the most popular games in both land-based and in online casinos. With verified payout percentages and many variations and bonus features you can sit back in the comfort of your own home while enjoying the entertainment of playing slots on the Internet.

When playing slot games online you will commonly find both 3 reel and 5 reel slots available. Many games also have multiple payout lines, progressive jackpots and other special features. Whether you choose a traditional European pub style slots game or the new online video slots similar to those you’d find in a Las Vegas Casino is entirely up to you!

Slots Online

Many of the top online casinos use external auditors to ensure that the high payout percentages of their games are verified. This ensures that your play is fair as well as a fun. Many of these sites allow you to clear generous casino bonuses while enjoying your favorite slot in a safe and secure environment.

If you are looking to play slots online then check out any of the top online casinos listed on You will find online casinos that use popular software like Microgaming, Playtech Slots and RTG slots. These are all high quality software to play on.

The amount of cash you use to play with is completely in your control. Casinos offer many online games from just a few cents – the progressive jackpots meaning that even this small outlay could turn into a big jackpot bonus. High rollers are likewise catered for at internet casinos, bonuses and incentives will make the money you use to play the huge selection of online slot machines go even further. Many online slots games vary in quality depending on the casino software provider.

The sites listed there have all been algorithmically selected to be among the very best and you can also read useful information about where to play slot machines online for money. Some sites will allow you to download online casino software directly from their website and some sites will allow you to play slots for free.

Yes, you can play slot games for free. But you have to play online. Playing free slot games online is both fun and easy to do.  All you have to do is find a good casino with games that you want to play and set up a free play account. Most casinos will require an email address to let you set up a free account. That’s about all they need. No banking information. No credit card. Some sites aren’t even requiring emails and actual accounts any more. They provide an online free play area where anyone can play.

Of course, you can’t win real money by playing free slot games. But the surprise is that playing some of the top rated slot games out there can be fun even if money isn’t involved. I love the latest 3D style games but many slot games feature bonus games to keep even a free player interested. Of course the advantage here is that when it comes time to relax and play some slots for real money, You know which games play the best and which you might as well by pass.