There is little feeling worse in the world than being hacked and having a stranger gain access to all of your personal information and even worse – your money. But that’s what could potentially happen to your poker account if you access a dodgy website on an unsecured computer.

It’s a worrying thought but never fear! Follow these simple steps and make sure that you are protected online.

Choose a reliable poker room

This is a big one. Don’t just play poker with any random site that you find online – and especially don’t enter your card details unless you trust the website.

The PKR poker domain is one of the best established gaming websites that there is in all of the UK. Their world class security is second to none in the online poker world.

Poker Safety

After the Heart Bleed problem that many internet companies suffered, and the eBay hacking, customers are understandably wary about entering credit card information or other personal details online.

All of the information on the PKR website is completely encrypted, using the internationally sound SSL/https process, which is above industry standard.

Officially, PKR say; It is a requirement of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission that an independent testing house evaluates a licensee’s RNG, operating procedures, systems architecture, technical infrastructure, site security and the veracity of the games themselves. PKR Ltd has been evaluated by Gaming Associates, an Australian based testing company and we have met their requirements.”

Protect your password

It’s one of the oldest pieces of internet advice out there. Always be vigilant with your password and never use the same password for different sites. Even if you just change one letter or number in the password, it is more secure than using a universal one.

Sites where you use card or bank details, are best left to a completely separate password altogether. And make sure to not use anything too obvious as your secret answer either!

Because the problem is, one leak and the whole of your online life is in jeopardy. Credit card numbers, addresses, family’s names etc. are all snippets of information that your average hacker can potentially find.

Don’t skimp on the protection

Anti-virus software is an essential part of any device that wants to browse the internet safely. Sadly, people mistakenly believe that an anti-malware program is all that they need, and this is where they run into problems.

Perhaps if you are just researching and lightly browsing the internet, an antivirus program may be sufficient to protect you. However, when playing poker and with lots of money at stake, it is vital that you always choose a well-known and reliable company.

All it takes is a few extra steps to ensure that you are at the top of your game.

How PKR stay secure

Sometimes, websites such as PKR Poker may ask you to send in documents for final verification. So you can enjoy your poker games safe in the knowledge you are secure to play.

Any items that you send will be stored in a secure folder, with only the top staff members allowed access.

If we do ask you to send the required documents (and we will never do this over email), then all of your details will be encrypted including the first and last four digits of your credit card, and also the security number on the back.

PKR are also the only online poker developer that is licenced and regulated by the UK Government.