Playing your favorite casino games at home is thrilling, but what happens when real life steps back in? You might have a doctor’s appointment, or you may need to kill some time while you wait to pick up a friend from the airport. Either way, you’re going to need to do something other than stare at the wall, right?

That’s where a good mobile casino app comes in. If you’re stuck on where to find one, or you just want to check out something new, we definitely recommend the Paddy Power casino app. It runs beautifully on the iPhone, and it’ll let you play roulette and other casino games to your heart’s content. One of the cool additions to the app is that you can now play themed slots like The Avengers and Kong Monkey Madness. Playing slots with full color and full sound on the go is incredible. If you haven’t played these slot games before, know that they aren’t like the old “fruit machine” pulls you may have played in the past. These are games that have plenty of features that can help you win big money.

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Paddy Power is a well known player in the space that offers great chances to win prizes and cash, just for playing at the casino. If you’re a roulette player, you might have been disappointed in the past by how many casinos only offer a weak roulette selection. Not only can you take roulette fun with you on the go with this app, but you also get premium roulette too! This means that you have a strong auto play feature to set up, along with all of your most frequent bets built into the app.

New games come out all of the time, as Paddy Power is committed to giving players an exceptional experience. If you’ve played at the casino from your laptop, now is definitely the time to check out what you can do right from your iPhone.

Usually when people design apps, the iPad gets left out in some way. After a bit of testing, we found that the iPad runs this app smoothly, giving us a chance to take advantage of the increased playing area. This is a great time to check out the app for yourself and make a little money on the side. Good luck!